Food security and climate change in Sri Lanka and India

Improving food security in South Asia in a variable and changing climate

Funding body: AusAid

Status: Funded

Time schedule: 2012–2015

Lead organization: CSIRO

TIA researchers: Holger Meinke

Objective: To enhance food security in South Asia by reducing agricultural production risks associated with climate variability and climate change, and by developing a blueprint for improved climate information usage across case study regions in the Indian Ocean Rim.


  • Improved seasonal climate forecasts that incorporate climate changes available for stakeholder-defined variables in the case study regions.
  • Case study decision makers have enhanced access to, understanding of and capacity to use the improved seasonal climate forecasting products for the purpose of exploring improved agricultural decision making.
  • Enhanced links and scientific exchanges between relevant Indian and Australian institutions and across the Indian Ocean Region through a workshop involving IOR-ARC member countries.