Improved production systems in north-west highlands of Vietnam

Improved market engagement for sustainable upland production systems in the north-west highlands of Vietnam

Funding body: ACIAR

Status: Nearing completion

Schedule: 2008–2012

Lead organisation: UQ

TIA researchers: Laurie Bonney

The aim of the project is to increase smallholder engagement in competitive value chains associated with maize and temperate fruit based farming systems. Market engagement will be used to improve land and crop management in these rapidly transforming sectors, for the development of sustainable and profitable farming systems.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Establish an understanding of constraints in maize and temperate fruit based farming systems that limit smallholder engagement in profitable markets and identify opportunities to overcome these constraints.
  • Develop improved farm and value chain management practices to optimise sustainability and profitability in smallholder maize and fruit based farming systems.
  • Build competitive value chain models which engage smallholders with more profitable markets that support improved land and crop management.
  • Evaluate value chain interventions and improved land and crop management techniques to support scale out of successful technologies into government and non government development strategies.