Sustainable forestry in Indonesia

Increasing profitability of forest plantations in Indonesia by sustaining yields in the smallholder sector

Funding body: ACIAR

Status: In progress

Schedule: 2011–2015

Lead organization: TIA

TIA researchers: Daniel Mendham (HRA), Caroline Mohammed, Morag Glen, Marcus Hardie, Chris Beadle (HRA)

Key objectives are to:

  1. Assess E. pellita (and its hybrids) as an alternative second-rotation species to manage root rot and benefit from N fixed by first-rotation A. mangium,
  2. Explore the interactions between site edaphic properties, soil fertility, water availability and effects of management on productivity, and test if existing relationships are more generally applicable
  3. Identify optimal pulpwood and saw-log regimes to increase smallholder profitability
  4. Investigate site factors (including slash retention) and host properties associated with root-rot incidence and severity
  5. Test the effectiveness of putative bio-control fungi discovered by project FST2003/048, and
  6. Assess smallholder understanding of tree cropping, in order to develop and test intervention systems to improve adoption of management recommendations.