DairyTas Update August 2017


Mark Smith, DairyTas

DairyTas Directors

DairyTas has vacancies for a dairy farmer director and an industry representative director coming up at the AGM in November. Applications are open until October 6th and details can be obtained from DairyTas in Burnie.

DairyTas Contractor Roles

DairyTas Board has confirmed that it will retain Penny Williams in the Workforce Education and HR support role and Rachel Brown as NRM program coordination roles in the 2017/18 year. The work performed by both, as contractors to DairyTas, has been excellent in driving farmer engagement and learnings for each area. Both of these part time roles are funded by Dairy Australia contracts.

MaryAnn Hortle continues in her role with careers coordination across the schools and with the Agfest Dairy Pavilion.

Dairy Conversion Field Day at Clear Springs

A great day to outline the dairy conversion program and farm conversion process was held on this farm with over 60 people attending. Andrew Beattie, John Wilson and Tim Salter gave their perspectives on the planning and farm operations to date as they enter their second season.

Situation and Outlook and National Dairy Farmer Survey

On June 29th DairyTas hosted John Droppert, from DA ,who provided a presentation on the latest market situation and farmer survey results. A copy of the full report is on the Dairy Australia website. Some of the main Tasmanian results from the early 2017 farmer survey were:

  • Positive sentiment decreased from 84% to 68%, but is still highest in the country
  • 44% of farmers expect a profit in 16/17
  • The immediate challenges are around milk price, climate, input costs and labour
  • 33% of farmers expect a production rise in 17/18 and 69% predict a rise in 3 years
  • 20% are looking to expand their enterprise in the future
  • 61% of those surveyed have a written budget
  • 84% see future opportunities in the industry

Scholarship for Associate Degree in Agribusiness in 2018

DairyTas has confirmed that it will be supporting a new scholarship for a dairy industry person to study the new Associate Degree in Agribusiness next year. Details will be released soon in conjunction with the University of Tasmania.

New Clean Rivers Dairy/Beef program in Circular Head

A new program to provide incentive funds has been announced. Dairy and beef farmers in Circular Head can apply for $5000 funding to fence cows out of waterways. Applications are available from DairyTas and need to be completed by September 15. This program is supported by Cradle Coast NRM.  

2017/18 Annual Operating Plan

DairyTas has just completed its Annual Operating Plan and project funds will be allocated into a number of program areas including:

  • Cows Create Careers/Camembert in the Classroom
  • FertSmart
  • Clean Rivers
  • Financial Literacy/Mentoring
  • Legendairy events support
  • Animal Health days
  • Farmer Advisory Groups
  • Water Metering for dairy sheds with VDL Farms

Other programs operating along with Dairy Australia including Discussion Groups, Focus Farm, Business Management, Farm Safety, ESKi, Stepping Stones, Taking Stock, Young Dairy Network, and Nutrition Workshops will be supported by our extension team and contractors.

Ringarooma the 2017 Tasmanian Legendairy Capital      

A great day was had on July 27th to celebrate the Ringarooma community’s success. Good luck for the national final in September.

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Published on: 21 Aug 2017 2:49pm