IntoDairy project a springboard for future growth

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The IntoDairy project, a DairyTas initiative, recently came to an end after five productive years. The project aimed to accelerate the growth in Tasmania’s annual milk production to meet the imbalance between processing capacity and farm output.

Funding for the project was provided from Dairy Australia, DairyTas, State Government, Milk Companies (Fonterra, TDP/MG, Cadbury and Lion), Commonwealth Government and industry sponsors for the first year (Roberts, Merial, Iplex, Integrated Packaging, Waratah and Philmac).

Key project activities

Project activities spanned the core areas of building the Herd, developing People and facilitating Investment. Projects included:

  • Heifer Rearing and Agistment
  • Building the Herd
  • Property Purchase Plans/Planning for Growth
  • Dairy Conversion Plans – 18 plans completed
  • Encouraging investment, including Dairy Investment Guide and Dairy Regions
  • Overseas Recruitment – mainly in UK and NZ
  • Farms Business Management and HR – 220 dairy farms
  • Mentoring; young farmers and financial management
  • Veterinary Residency program
  • Increasing Participation/Image Building, including “Faces of Tasmanian Dairy” video and Circular Head Pro-Dairy group
  • Clean Rivers sustainability program – 28 dairy farms
  • Tactics for Tight Times/Taking Stock program – 140 dairy farms

For the rest of 2017, work will continue in existing programs, such as the Pro-Dairy group in Circular Head, Dairy Scholarships, financial literacy and Succession Planning.

Outcomes of the project

While the IntoDairy project did not achieve the ambitious production targets, it has provided a springboard for future growth of the Tasmanian dairy industry.

The project supported new dairy conversions and state-wide interest in dairy was generated, especially due to the development of water resources and associated farming opportunities.

The project pushed resources to farmers to help them with seasonal challenges and farm business management. In particular, the Tactics for Tight Times program and Taking Stock business support led to a huge investment into business, and financial and people management, through a range of programs and mentoring activity. The Circular Head Pro-Dairy group will keep attracting more people to the industry. IntoDairy has also enabled the industry to better support sustainable farming practices.

The following resources came out of the project:

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Published on: 29 Sep 2017 12:56pm