Applications open for PhD Programs

Applications are open for a number of PhD Agricultural PhD Projects

Applications are now open for University of Tasmania PhD projects in a wide range of Agricultural research topics


This years PhD projects are now open and with topics ranging from Backpacks on Bees to the production of Industrial Hemp there is something for everyone.

The following projects require PhD Candidates. Interested applicants should forward enquiries to the nominated contact person -  Applications for scholarships should be made via Apply Now.

For more information on each project please click on the title and you will be taken directly to the information page for that project.

Aroma and Flavour Chemistry that underpins quality of Tasmanian apples post-harvest

Bio-prospecting Tasmanian Native Plants for Horticultural Production of Secondary Compunds of Flavour and Aroma Value

Capturing Light for Fruit Production: Use of LIDAR to understand carbohydrate ecophysiology

Classical Biocontrol of Eucalyptus Leaf Beetles: A world perspective

Fine Mapping and Identification of Candidate Genes for Aerenchyma Formation in Barley

Fine Mapping and Identification of Candidate Genes for Salinity Tolerance in Barley

From Water to Wine: Extraction of value from fruit and vegetable waste

Improving Grapevine Yield and Wine Quality Through Optimised Vine Nutrition and Pruning

Limits to Life: What controls maximum growth rates?

Maintaining and improving soil health and infiltration under irrigated cropping

Mapping Australian Cider Uniqueness for the Production of High Quality and Consistent Craft Cider

Monitoring Pollinator Efficacy and Hive Health of Honeybees Using Electronic Tagging

Optimising Nutrient Management for Improved Productivity and Fruit Quality in Cherries

Production and Quality of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa) in Response to Water Regime

The Interplay Between Cuticular Hydrocarbons and Defensive Secretions in the Aggregation Behaviours of Insect Species of Agricultural Importance

Towards Differential Management in Tree and Vine Crops to Sell More Fruit at Desired Price Point

Towards implementation of novel interventions during carcase chilling

Published on: 20 Sep 2016 12:02pm