Paper of the Month: Nitrous oxide emissions in Australian apple and cherry orchards

This paper is the first of three papers to be published on nitrous oxide emissions in Australian apple and cherry orchards.

The team studied N2O flux from apple and cherry orchards, in two predominant growing regions in eastern Australia, the Huon Valley in southern Tasmania and high altitude northern New South Wales.

They used manual chambers over a 12-month period to measure average daily emissions which were very low, ranging from 0.78 g N2O-N ha–1 day–1 in the apple orchard at Lucaston to 1.86 g N2O-N ha–1 day–1 in the cherry orchard in Lower Longley.trees

Daily N2O emissions were up to 50% higher in summer than winter across the four trial orchards and emissions were ~40% greater in the inter-row than the tree line for each orchard.

N2O emissions were among the lowest recorded for Australian agriculture, most likely due to low rates of N fertiliser, cool temperate growing conditions and highly efficient drip irrigation systems.

View the paper online.

Published on: 02 Aug 2016 11:21am