Top Fodder Silage Field Day

Start Date

23rd Jan 2018 11:00am

End Date

23rd Jan 2018 1:30pm

Making and feeding high quality silage encourages higher feed intakes and better cow performance. With silage making season over, it is now time to assess silage quality. This Field Day will help farmers reduce losses, particularly during storage and feed out.

Silage quality

The TIA dairy team have collected silage samples from some Tasmanian dairy farms and will discuss the results at the field day.

Silage cost

Jason Lynch (Macquarie Franklin) will discuss the difference silage quality makes to the cost of feeding dairy cows.


Up to 40% of silage can be wasted at feed out – Sam Flight (TIA) will present some strategies to minimise these losses.

Guest speaker:

Jason Lynch, senior consultant at Macquarie Franklin, with 18 years experience in production agronomy

WHERE: Ji & Katie Streets, 730 Avenue Rd, Parkham

WHEN: 23 January 2018, 11am–1:30pm

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Lunch provided by Deloraine Roberts