Vision-driven Leadership and Management

Creating Excellence

GOAL: TIA will inspire committed and innovative staff teams to develop and deliver their professional services with high impact, backed by consistent and efficient management systems.

Through good governance and transparent participatory processes, TIA will ensure that our stakeholders benefit from our world-class professional conduct.

We will create a supportive working environment that fosters creativity and cooperation, bringing out the best in our staff and students. This will allow TIA to attract and retain highly-skilled and motivated staff.

Research and decision outcomes are intrinsically uncertain. By definition, not every project will lead to the desired outcomes. We will create processes that turn such perceived 'failures' into important learning outcomes. This will support TIA in its goal of becoming a 'learning' institution that encourages staff to take well-considered risks, and that is prepared to support staff and stakeholders in the long term. Our staff must be bold to succeed; thus TIA must provide the leadership and management that supports staff in their quest.

Effective communication, both internally and with stakeholders, will ensure that our research, development, extension and education remain targeted, effective, efficient, salient, credible and legitimate.

Our administrative processes will be simple and efficient and use appropriate technology in order to avoid duplication, reduce the administrative burden on our staff and demonstrate cost-effectiveness.

For more information on the Vision-driven Leadership and Management Program, please contact Mandy Richardson.