Water for Profit

Water for Profit State-Wide Event

Water for Profit state-wide event

Join us for a free half-day event on precision irrigation.

8.30am to 2.00pm, Thursday 18 May 2017
Riverlands Centre
159 Wellington Street, Longford

Whether you are looking to bring precision irrigation to your property, or are after tips to further enhance your current systems, this event is for you.

Participants will hear the latest research from national experts and learn from the real-life experience of locals.

The day will include expert presentations, with plenty of time for questions, an exhibitor trade show and hands-on practical sessions.


Precision Irrigation
James Hills, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

Find out how precision irrigation technology is helping to save farmer’s valuable time and money.
Dr Hills will share the latest results from the Smarter Irrigation for Profit project, which is using sensor technology to collect data on water use, energy use and pasture production from five sites across Tasmania.

Autonomous Irrigation
Alison McCarthy, University of Southern Queensland’s National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture

Alison will give an insight into NCEA's projects on variable-rate irrigation for improved irrigation precision, machine vision sensing for mapping pasture variability across paddocks and fields, and automated site-specific irrigation mapping.

The Drone Revolution
Will Bignell

The media is full of stories and adverts about drones revolutionising agriculture, but is that revolution actually taking place? After thousands of hectares of flying drones with an agricultural focus Will has learnt there is a big divide between reality and market spin. Will’s talk is aimed around giving growers a sound understanding of the key considerations of what drone data can be collected, the suitability of the data for various task and share some examples of how it can it be implemented into a precision Ag farming system.

Practical sessions:

  • Soil and Water Management, John McPhee, TIA
  • Drones, Will Bignell
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems, Joseph Foley, University of Southern Queensland’s National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture and David McLaren, TIA
  • CropARM, Maria Richter, TIA

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Water for Profit: A program to help Tasmanian farmers maximise their return on investment in irrigation.

Funded by the Tasmanian Government, the Water for Profit Program is helping to ensure farmers are equipped with the right skills and information to increase profits and sustainability from their investment in water.

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Read the Water for Profit Brochure (PDF)

The program consists of four projects:

The program will work with farmers in Tasmania's midlands initially, focusing on farmer groups in key areas with new or existing access to irrigation, and then expanding to other regions of the State that have new or increased access to irrigation water.

Farmers will be co-investigators working with and drawing on the resources of the Water for Profit program partners, consultants and industry bodies to:

  • Direct research to benefit their region.
  • Undertake benchmarking to identify what farming practices lead to better productivity and sustainability outcomes.
  • Contribute to and guide the development of online irrigation and cropping decision support tools specific to Tasmanian conditions.
  • Provide opportunities for both informal and formal information exchange between farmers.

Farmers will get access to cutting-edge research and online irrigation and cropping tools relevant to their properties through TIA, detailed land management information through Tasmanian Irrigation's Farm Water Access Plans and digital soil mapping data from the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Farmers and farmer groups will decide how to best use this technical information through support provided by the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association, industry groups and agricultural consultants.