Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies (TILES)

Forensic Studies

Forensic Studies UTASForensic Studies UTAS is a consortium of researchers at the University of Tasmania who engage in the study of forensics as a social phenomenon, and who primarily draw upon the social sciences in undertaking work in this field. Forensic studies is distinct from forensic science, which generally refers to specific areas of technical and vocational expertise.

Members of Forensic Studies UTAS include researchers who have expertise in criminology, sociology, psychology, media, law and police studies.

Forensic Studies UTAS Members

  • Forensic Studies UTAS Coordinator: Professor Roberta Julian
  • Members: Assoc Prof Jeremy Prichard, Prof Rob White, Assoc Prof Terese Henning, Dr Sally Kelty, Assoc Prof Nenagh Kemp and Dr Caroline Spiranovic
  • Executive Officer: Paula Broucek 

Forensic Studies UTAS - Study Units

A key element of forensic studies is how 'evidence' is socially constructed within legal and scientific discourses and practices, and how different players within the criminal justice system conceptualise the nature of criminal investigation, criminal procedure, criminal evidence and courtroom practices.