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Priority Partnership Project Initiative

Welcome to the Faculty-TILT Priority Partnership Initiative webpage.

What is the Priority Partnership Project Initiative?

Priority Partnership projects are an opportunity to bring together staff from Faculties/Institutes and the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching (TILT) to work on a learning and teaching project of importance to the Faculty.

Faculties identify a key learning and teaching project for an upcoming semester. TILT provides expert support and advice on the planning and implementation of the project.

What sorts of projects are supported?

The choice of priority is open to Faculties/Institutes. Key considerations in identifying potential projects are the following aspects:


The project should address an area of immediate identified need or concern for the Faculty. Examples include:

  • addressing the Higher Education Standards Framework requirements (e.g., identifying learning outcome and philosophy statements for courses)
  • course rationalisation
  • identified opportunities for growth or significant enhancement of student learning and/or experience, by improved knowledge or skills  within the Faculty
  • responding to areas identified for development through UTAS or national surveys and other data (e.g., eVALUate, CEQ).

The project should be designed to have wide-ranging and/or long-term impact on learning and teaching within the Faculty. Examples include:

  • course mapping or curriculum review
  • common skills development for staff across schools/disciplines
  • collaboration/peer networks across schools/institutions

The project should lead to sustainable improvements in learning and teaching within the Faculty/Institute. Sustainable developments are able to be maintained in terms of:

  • financial costs to the Faculty/Institute;
  • staff workload;
  • known future course developments in terms of structure or purpose

How does TILT support projects?

An individual TILT staff member, or a team from TILT (as appropriate), will work with the identified Faculty/Institute Project Leader(s).

TILT has expertise in many areas of learning and teaching, including:

  • curriculum and learning design
  • use of technology to support learning and teaching
  • accessing and interpreting data to support learning and teaching
  • internationalisation of the curriculum
  • development of post-traditional learning and teaching innovations

TILT staff may assist with support and advice on different aspects of the project, depending on the needs of the Faculty and project, such as:

  • helping the Project Leader to scope out an achievable project
  • providing training to Project team members or stakeholders in specific areas of learning and teaching practice or technology
  • supporting learning and teaching project management
  • helping to facilitate communities of practice or peer networks

Priority Partnership projects do not come with additional funding from TILT. Faculties/Institutes may choose to allocate funds to support specific aspects of projects (e.g., development of particular resources / participation in training).

What do Faculties/Institutes need to do?

It is the Faculty responsibility, through the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, to identify and nominate projects for Priority Partnership Projects. The Priority Partnership Project Nomination Form should be used for this nomination process.

Faculties will identify a member of staff from the Faculty/Institute to be the Project Leader.

The Project Leader may work relatively independently to lead the project, or in close collaboration with a Project Team.

Alternatively, members of the Faculty/Institute may be asked to propose projects, from which the nominated projects are selected.

Once a Faculty project has been identified, the Project Leader will complete the Priority Partnership Project Action Plan, for endorsement of the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching.


The Priority Partnership Project Nomination Form can be used to assist the initial conceptualisation of projects.

Once a Priority Partnership Project has been determined for the Faculty, the Priority Partnership Project Action Plan should be used to scope out the project.

The following resources may be of interest to Project Leaders and Teams to support the planning, project management and evaluation of projects :

Priority Partnerships Contacts

If you are interested in proposing a Priority Partnership project, please contact your Associate Dean Learning and Teaching who is responsible for nominating Partnership Projects.

TILT Contacts