Frequently Asked Questions

All effort is taken to release the finalised timetable ahead of Study Periods. However, the unforeseen can occasionally lead to minor changes. Regularly checking the Student Timetable is recommended.

What dates are important?

What do I need?

  • Your Student ID (if you've already enrolled in the units you're checking), or
  • The Unit Code(s) 
How do I use the Timetable? 

Below is a quick step-by-step guide to show you how to use the Student Timetable to find unit(s) or your timetable. For more detailed information of how the Student Timetable works, visit the Student Timetable Guide.

Step 1: Pick the Study Period

Pick the Study Period you want to view. If you're not sure:

Step 2: Pick the Year

If relevant, or available, select the Year you want to view.

Step 3: Pick the Campus

Pick the Campus you want to view - this is usually the campus you're enrolled at.

Step 4: Pick the Event Type

You can view 'Lectures only' or 'All classes' (including lectures, tutorials, workshops, and practicals etc.) for the unit(s) you choose, or Student ID you've entered.

Note: Selecting 'All classes' shows you all a unit's classes - this means you might see all the repeat tutorials, for example - so you'll need to work out which classes to attend. Check with the Student Centre or your Faculty/School adviser if you're not sure.

Step 5: Enter your Student ID or the Unit Code(s) 

You can enter:

  • Your Student ID - to show all your enrolment's units
  • The Unit Code(s) - to show all the unit's lectures/classes
How do I read the Timetable? Please visit the Student Timetable Guide

What if I'm not enrolled yet?

You can still use the Student Timetable to view units.

Once admitted to your course, visit eStudent to enrol, using your UTAS username and password.

Can't log in? Get help.

Should I go to my first lecture?

We strongly recommend attending all mandatory activities offered for your units. 

Your first lecture is particularly important as a lot of additional information regarding the unit's study expectations and other classes is shared - not to mention essential lecture material.

Why is my Timetable 
 empty or some of my units are missing?

You may not have finished enrolling in eStudent; if the status of any of your units is still 'planned', you will not see these units if you enter your student ID into the Timetable – If this has happened, update your units and wait 24 hours before checking the Student Timetable again.

 If your units are still not appearing, please contact the Student.Services@utas.edu.au.

Why can't I find a unit(s)?

Double-check the unit code against the Course and Unit Handbook

A number of units offered by the Australian Maritime College and the School of Medicine are not displayed in the Student Timetable.

Some distance units are not timetabled as the study is self or internally managed.

For help and support, please contact the relevant School(s), that offers the unit(s).

When do classes start?

Classes usually start on the hour.

For example - a lecture is usually 1 to 2 hours, which includes 10 minutes at the end for movement between classes. 

What are Study Periods?

The University year is divided into several Study Periods

The Course and Unit Handbook will detail the relevant Study Period for each unit.

What if I have more questions?

If you have questions or need help, please contact the Student.Services@utas.edu.au.