Using the Timetable


UTAS Timetable (image below)



What choices are available to select when looking at the Timetable link above ?

Semester: All, Semester 1, Semester 2,  Semester 3 (Summer School), Semester 4 (Winter School), Semester 5 (Spring School)

Type of event: All classes, Lectures only

A campus: All (default), Hobart, Launceston, Cradle Coast, Roselle, Sydney (depending where you are studying)

A year: current and next ie 2011, 2012

Enter your student ID OR Unit codes (s) (depending what whether you have a current enrolment or want unit timetables for enrolment purposes)

What is an event type?

An event type is a teaching activity belonging to a unit... this could be a lecture, tutorial, seminar, workshop, practical or even examination.

It is generally assumed that all lectures require attending. Tutorials, workshops, seminars and practicals may involve rostered groups of repeat classes and all visible activities may not apply to your indiividual timetable.

If you select All classes you will see the full teaching pattern for unit/s - inclusive of all activities. Selecting Lectures only allows for an uncluttered view of the unit lecture schedule.

You may choose - or will be allocated to - a tutorial, prac or workshop group - usually in the first week of semester. Generally, if you have requests fo specific groups to avoid clashes you will be able to contact the relevant School to nominate appropriate activities. Once you have nominated a group the timetable may show groups by numbers ie P1 would indicate prac group 1.

What is the UTAS Calendar?

The UTAS Calendar summarises the UTAS teaching semesters, breaks and holiday dates. This useful resource is updated on a yearly basis and also includes exam and graduation periods - in a helpful format that not only reflects the calendar weeks but also their equivalent UTAS weeks.

A semester is a formal University teaching period. There are five semesters in the academic year, with two main undergraduate semesters 1 and 2 , each comprising 13 weeks of teaching.


Locations can be found using Campus Maps. Teaching rooms are coded and include building locations. For example SB.UniCentre208.LT1 -

SB - the campus is Sandy Bay

UniCentre - the building is the University Centre

208 - is the room number, and beginning with 2 this indicates the room is located on level 2

LT1 - this room is a Lecture Theatre - categorised as a large lecture theatre by the 1.

Understanding the Timetable display

Once you have selected from available choices from the Timetable link above, a week calendar will appear, listing data as per your request.

Using a student ID number  will produce a summary of all unit activities currently enrolled in.

Entering unit code/s will only list the unit/s requested, allowing the user to review teaching patterns on offer which is helpful for clash consideration when reviewing enrolment.


The page will show each teaching activitiy by the hour on the left side, with days listed across the top of the timetable.


In each teaching activity it will list the:

Unit Code - ie CSA101. Click on this unit code to go to the Handbook entry for the unit.

Unit Name - the official unit title ie Pharmacy in Health Care

Activity - Lecture, Tutorial, Workshop, Practical etc

Venue - where the activity is being taught. Click on this code for venue details, the pop-up dialog box will include official and descriptive names of the venue, the building code, the campus and a link to campus maps. A summary will also appear under the venue in backets of the room title. In some instances, especially for practicals, the venue may say Check with school or list other instructions rather than nominate a room. These will be clarified by the Unit Coordinator (the academic staff member responsible for that unit) in, usually, the first lecture for the unit - and perhaps in the Unit Outline provided for the unit.

Weeks - a summary of the teaching pattern of this particular activity offered in the unit - the semester will be clarified, and the weeks within that semester included ie

  • SEM1:1-13 - in semester 1 the activity will occur on the day and time nominated on the calendar for all weeks, 1 to 13 of semester 1.
  • SEM1:5-11 - in semester 1 the activity will occur on the day and time nominated on the calendar for weeks 5 through 11 inclusive in semester 1.

Using the online Timetable

It is possible to customise the timetable, especially for printing, and instructions are included at the top of the Timetable page. The image of a printer shows in each activity and, once clicked, will determine whether the activity prints or not.  This function is especially useful for hiding activities the user is not involved in, providing a cleaner timetable summary.

Frequently asked questions...

This page is offered as an additional resource - please feel free to submit further questions to the Timetable Office for inclusion.