New Users

  • Access can and will only be granted to University of Tasmania staff members who have a UTAS email and pop account. For further information please see: www.utas.edu.au/it/communication-technologies/email
  • Access will not automatically be granted to all user requests. Key staff are identified for each organisational unit and assisting staff are kept to a minimum for timetabling purposes.
  • Access will be reviewed annually.
  • If staff are taking over booking responsibilities for unit timetabling from a previous user training by the Timetable Office will be required.
  • Web Room Booking training is recommended but not necessary. New WRB users are expected and required, however, to become familiar with booking requirements as outlined at Web Room Bookings.
  • As outlined in the above Web Room Bookings link, if you require a booking outside normal teaching hours of 8am - 6pm, involves attendance of members of the public, or complex support services (e.g., security, AV, catering) details MUST BE forwarded to Venuehire.Office@utas.edu.au and all booking handled by that office to meet all University requirements, including security.
  • If your ad hoc web room booking does not fall within the criteria above, you may book using WRB but your booking MUST include the responsible officer for the event and a mobile number in the security field as well as full details of the event. If you do not provide required information meeting University requirements, including Security, your booking may be cancelled and a request forwarded to provide further detail.