Timetable Policy

The UTAS Timetable Policy and its accompanying Procedures and Guidelines, is a set of provisions that govern the production of the UTAS timetable scheduled using Syllabus Plus software. All staff involved in timetabling are expected to be familiar with this document.

The documents covers how the timetable is produced, including:

  • roles and responsibilities of staff engaged in the timetabling process;
  • the timetabling process itself (including entry and checking of data in the new system);
  • constraints to be applied in developing the timetable (including constraints relating to staff and locations);
  • booking of non-teaching space; and
  • problem-solving procedures.

The UTAS Timetable Policy is available from UTAS Approved Policies and Procedures

All further enquiries and confirmation of currency in implementation, should be directed to Timetabling.Office@utas.edu.au.