Web Room Bookings

A web room booking (WRB) is an ad-hoc booking for an event not directly related to teaching or attached to a unit booking.

When can you make a booking yourself and when does Venue Hire?

If you require a booking:

  • outside normal teaching hours of 8am - 6pm,
  • involves attendance of members of the public,
  • complex support services (e.g., security, AV, catering)
  • involves VIPs to the University

details MUST be forwarded to Venuehire.Office@utas.edu.au and all booking handled by that office to meet all University requirements, including security.

If your ad hoc web room booking does not fall within the criteria above, you may book using WRB but your booking MUST include the responsible officer for the event and a mobile number in the security field as well as full details of the event. If you do not provide required information meeting University requirements, including Security, your booking may be cancelled and a request forwarded to provide further detail. See below.

Web Room Booking system requirements
  • When using the WRB system all details regarding requirements for security, cleaning and ITR MUST be entered into the Security Comments field.
  • If the Responsible Officer is not the person booking the event, a nominated Responsible Officer must also be overwritten in the field Responsible Officer - as well as included in the Security Comments field along with their mobile contact number. University telephone extensions are not suitable to record for out of hours functions.
  • Staff booking a WRB are reminded of expected procedures to be followed by organisers of internal and external UTAS events to ensure that events are managed in a safe manner through the identification, assessment and control of hazards and risks, and take into account appropriate notification to UTAS areas such as security, cleaning and Information Technology Resources.
  • You are asked not to directly email Security with additional information. It cannot be guaranteed this information will be kept with bookings as it is separate from the booking request. Any additional security information will be required to be included with the booking.
Security and Cleaning

Events involving external guests to the University or requiring out of hours access must involve the UTAS Venue Hire Office for advice and direction regarding security and cleaning. For further information please also see the website: www.utas.edu.au/campus-services/security-and-access.

Please note, bookings out of hours requiring building access will be the responsibility of the Responsible Officer to monitor. Security cannot allow a University building to be open indefinitely after hours and does not have the resources to monitor visitors.

Information Technology Resources and Audiovisual Services

Events involving specialised UTAS ITR or AV requirements must liaise with either the Venue Hire Office (if the event fits within the criteria for Venue Hire, for clarification please contact Venue Hire Office) or log a job via the HelpDesk. For further information please see: Information Technology Resources or Audiovisual Services.

Work Health and Safety

It is expected that all staff undertaking WRB become familiar with the UTAS Work Health and Safety Unit's Event Management Guidelines, which covers in more detail the following assessments and template checklists, which must be conducted in accordance with the University Minimum Standard - Work Health and Safety Project and Task Risk Management. The draft version is attached here but will be replaced with a link to the final version as soon as this is approved.

  • Event Risk Assessments These must be conducted and documented for all UTAS events at least four weeks prior to an event.
  • Event Checklist This covers important factors to be considered at the earliest stage of the planning process.
  • Event Details Template This template must be completed when applying for approval to run a UTAS event, with specific details required.
  • Event Contact List This template is to be used to record all key contacts relevant to the event.
  • Event Task List This template will record all tasks relevant to the event and is considered part of the approval process - all UTAS events must be approved before an event is permitted to proceed
  • Event Notification This template determined appropriate people/groups/organisations required to be notified of the event.
For more information:

UTAS Work Health and Safety (WHS) Unit, Human Resources website, which includes, amongst other information: