Transforming the Mining Value Chain


The mining and mining services industry is a vital source of economic activity and jobs in regional Australia, and a major contributor to national income and wealth creation. Technical and business innovation is continually needed to maintain the industry's international competitiveness and to ensure that mining is conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner that is aligned with society's expectations. The value of all aspects of mining to Australia is encapsulated in the Mining Value Chain, extending from exploration and discovery through mining and processing to waste disposal. Along the chain, there are critical areas of industrial activity wherein improved efficiencies can markedly increase the value of Australia's mineral resources, and aid in the discovery of new resources, thereby benefiting the nation's economy.

The ARC Research Hub for Transforming the Mining Value Chain will make significant improvements to industry practices along the Mining Value Chain that will enhance ore deposit discovery, mineral processing, and environmental management of waste materials. The Research Hub brings together a multi-disciplinary research team that will tackle three of the industry's current technological imperatives and hurdles to growth, which define the principal aims of the TMVC:

  1. Detecting proximity to ore (footprints): Efficient discovery of new ore zones around current mine infrastructure
  2. Optimising geometallurgical prediction: Early acquisition and modelling of geometallurgical parameters
  3. Minimising geoenvironmental risks: Early identification of environmental issues for ores and wastes

These three research themes will be integrated around the application of technology developed at the TMVC and applied to drill core at the industry partners' mine sites. The anticipated outcome from this collaboration is the development of more efficient and environmentally sustainable exploration, mining and waste disposal practices that will lead to extended mine lives and employment opportunities in Australia's regional mining centres, and help in the discovery of new resources near existing mines.

Transformations to existing practices in the Mining Value Chain will be derived from advanced mineral characterisation methods developed by the TMVC, along with innovative technologies for their implementation, which will be applied much earlier in the Mining Value Chain than current practices permit. Early application of these methods will enhance decision-making and maximise productivity and profitability at Australian mine sites.

Flyers for each research area within the TMVC can be downloaded below:

Theme 1- Footprints (PDF 2.6MB)Theme 2- Geometallurgy (PDF 0.2MB)Theme 3- Geoenvironment (PDF 1.9MB)

Underpinning Technologies (PDF 2.8MB)

Theme 1- FootprintsTheme 2- GeometallurgyTheme 3- Geoenvironmental
Underpinning Technologies


Josh Phillips, PhD candidate in Theme 1

Cassady Harraden, PhD candidate in Theme 2

Laura Jackson, PhD candidate in Theme 3