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Turnitin Information

A support resource for staff and students has been developed to promote academic integrity and the explain the use of Turnitin - this is available through the Academic Honesty unit within MyLO.

Downloadable Desktop Guides related to Turnitin, and setting up and marking assessment tasks within MyLO more generally are also available on the MyLO Staff Resources page.

Related Information

Legal Questions

A number of legal questions have arisen regarding students' copyright and intellectual property rights on their essays and the use of Turnitin, including claims that Turnitin is gaining a commercial advantage from student's work.

All of these issues relate to the storing of students' assignments on the Turnitin database after they are analysed. In recent civil actions resolved within the United States of America, none of these claims have been legally substantiated.

Included are some opinions on these questions from Turnitin, University of Tasmania legal officer and an Australian legal firm.