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UHack 2018, Launching Potential

Calling all Innovators, creative minds, problem solvers with big ideas and a passion for innovation to enter UHack.

UHack is Tasmania's innovation hackathon competition - run for student and public innovators - by students and staff from the University of Tasmania. Enter today for your chance to test drive your creative tech-based solutions to real world problems over the exciting UHack weekend.

UHack is free to enter and open to students and the public. There are great cash prizes on offer, mentoring, developing new skills, team building and free food.

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UHack is open to students and the public, and will be run simultaneously in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie on the weekend of July 13-15, 2018.

Register a team, and work over the UHack weekend to develop a software application, a business model and a pitch video, which are reviewed by our panel of judges. What you develop is up to you – all we ask is you identify an opportunity or solve a problem or need that aligns with our research themes:

  • Environment, Resources and Sustainability
  • Creativity, Culture and Society
  • Better Health
  • Marine, Antarctic and Maritime
  • Data, Knowledge and Decisions

Check out the University research themes to get some background.

If you are looking for inspiration or an idea of the kind of projects proposed, you can see all the UHack submissions from last year's UHack on DevPost , or just search for UHack 2017. You can also see photos from last year's UHack here. Check uhacktas out on social media too.

UHack is not all about programming – it’s also about identifying problems and opportunities, developing a business model, and putting together a pitch video that summarises your project. This can be anything from a mock up to a working application, based on a device, the IoT, or the web.

We recommend your team is well rounded, with business as well as programming skills. Team sizes should be between 4 and 6 people.

Be sure to check the UHack Guide for more information and resources about UHack

UHack is a collaboration between the University of Tasmania, the TECH, Computing and Technology, and Business student societies, Enterprize and Startup Tasmania.

Register now!

Open Division

Open division is open to the public and students. Student teams are eligible for both the open and student divisions, but can only win prizes in one division. See the competition guide in the UHack Guide for more details.


Total first place cash prize $6,000


Total second place cash prize $4,000


Total third place cash prize $2,000

Student Division

Student division is open to all-student teams only. Students are eligible for both the open and student divisions, but can only win prizes in one division. See the competition guide in the UHack Guide for more details.


Total first place cash prize $6,000


Total second place cash prize $4,000


Total third place cash prize $2,000

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Gold Sponsors

Data 3 HPE Aruba

Silver Sponsors

Parallo ServiceNow

Bronze Sponsors

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University of Tasmania

Architecture Tutorial Room 1-2

Inveresk Campus

Launceston 7250

Open in Google Maps


University of Tasmania

Domestic Arts Building

West Park Precinct

2 – 4 Bass Highway

Burnie, 7320

Open in Google Maps


University of Tasmania

Tasmanian School of Business and Economics

Centenary Building

Harvard Room LT2 (Ground Floor)

Sandy Bay Campus, Churchill Avenue

Sandy Bay 7005

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Enter a team

The competition is open to students and the public. You’ll need a well-rounded team – with business development, UX design and coding skills.

Team sizes will be limited to six people, and we recommend at least four people. Don’t have a team? We’ll be organising a meet-up event before the competition. Stay tuned for details.

Why should I enter?

I have business skills and I...

...can contribute business model development skills to a team, and would benefit from entering UHack by some getting app development experience.

I have programming skills and I...

...can contribute development skills to a team, and would benefit from entering UHack because I would get business planning and pitching experience.

I don't have any super skills but...

...being part of UHack will help develop my skills in a fun and exciting way!

Code of Conduct

UHack is committed to have a harassment-free experience for everyone involved in the hackathon. This is regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability and religion. All persons involved in UHack must adhere to the terms set in the Code of Conduct — including competitors, sponsors, press, volunteers and staff.

Read the Code of Conduct

Partner With Us

Be part of the hackathon through sponsorship.

Why Sponsor UHack?

UHack is about engaging and building bridges between our students, our research, industry and the broad-er Tasmanian community.

If you’re looking to build your profile in Tasmania, increase your commercial networks and access to start up opportunities — and get the first look at Tasmania’s most talented future Digital Developers — then this event is for you.

You will have opportunities for:

  • Talent Spotting
  • Networking
  • Targeted Brand Exposure
  • Staff Development

UHack will be professionally marketed, and promoted in the media and through our industry partners TasICT and Startup Tasmania. Your brand will reach a wide audience, and will be aligned with a major and well respected institution, the University of Tasmania.

Through the event you will have access to highly motivated and innovative people vying for a place in the new Hubs. This presents a great opportunity for recruitment, product promotion, mentorship or even building commercial partnerships — through this event you will connect with a new generation of thinkers and entrepreneurs.

Our Premier sponsors will also have the opportunity to participate in the judging panel.


Your team will need to produce three main deliverables during UHack weekend:

  1. A 3-Minute Pitch Video. During your video you'll summarise your Business Model Canvas and demo your app. You'll need to shoot and edit your video using your own equipment – laptop and phone camera quality will be fine. You'll need to upload your video to YouTube (or similar) for our judges to view, and link to it from your DevPost project page.
  2. A Business Model Canvas (BMC) that lays out the elements of how your business idea and app could be brought to reality. We'll provide plenty of BMC worksheets for you to use during the weekend. When you are finished you'll have to upload an image of your canvas somewhere it can be accessed by our judges, (e.g. Google Docs, OneDrive, DropBox), and link to it from your DevPost project page.
  3. A Software Application. This can be anything, e.g. a website, a mobile app, a game. You'll need to host your app somewhere that it can be viewed or download by our judges, and link to it from your DevPost project page. We suggest you use one of the many free or trial services available from the likes of Google, Azure, OpenShift, Heroku, GitHub, etc. (NB: UHack does not provide any app hosting facilities.) Tip: your team should familiarise themselves with your hosting platform before the competition weekend.
  4. It is important to note that your pitch video is the main vehicle used by our judges to score your entry. Due to time constraints there may not be the chance to demonstrate your app directly to the judges, so it is important that your pitch video does a good job of demoing your app as well as summarising your business model. Also, make sure you tie your entry to one or more of the University's Research Themes.

What you develop is up to you – so long as the problem and opportunity that you identify aligns with the University Research Themes:

  • Environment, Resources and Sustainability
  • Creativity, Culture and Society
  • Better Health
  • Marine, Antarctic and Maritime
  • Data, Knowledge and Decisions

UHack is a state wide, open hackathon competition. UHack Tasmania is open to anyone including students and the public. If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

No, you are not allowed. Whilst the event will be an opportunity to apply what you've learnt from browsing APIs, datasets or websites prior to the event, the event will be relying on you commencing work only from the Saturday morning. The only exception to this rule is if it's been made Open Source, freely available for use by other teams and in the public-domain.

Prior to the event, feel free to fill your boots with learning about relevant University research, themes, start thinking about problems aligned with the themes, etc., all of which will help you once the event kicks off and perhaps give you the edge you need. But don't pre-build - if we detect it, your entry will be jeopardised.

Due to venue, staffing and security restrictions, we won't be able to keep the venues open all night. The UHack venues will close at 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday night, reopening at 7:00am the next morning.

Yes, leading up to the competition a number of resources on hosting, making a pitch video and creating a Business Model Canvas will be available on our UHack Guide website. We'll also have a team of mentors available during the event to provide you with advice.

Its also a good idea to attend our seminars leading up to UHack weekend (see above), especially the seminars on Business Model Canvas.

We recommend at least four (4) people, with a maximum of six (6) people in your team.

Any intellectual property (e.g. code, images, audio, business plans, pitch videos) that you and/or your team create during the competition belongs to you and/or your team. A condition of entry is that you give permission to the University to reproduce and display your business models and videos – we'll use these to showcase your achievements and UHack after the event.

You can register by yourself or as an incomplete team. Make sure you fill in your details and come to our meetup event to form a full team before the event, and do some fun team building activities! Stay tuned for more details.

You'll need to bring all the equipment you need to do your work, including laptops, mobile phone and chargers. Make sure you bring warm clothes too.

We'll provide WiFi, breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner, as well as drinks. Chill out areas with bean bags will also be available.

Alcohol and cigarettes cannot be consumed in the venue. Objects that will disrupt other teams are also banned, such as speakers for playing loud music.

During UHack weekend you'll be working on your Business Model Canvas, your app and your pitch video. You must not do any of this work prior to the event.

Leading up to the event it is fine for your team to start thinking about the problems and opportunities you want to address. Do your research into the University Research Themes and spend some time digging around the University website.

It's also a good idea to learn about the Business Model Canvass and do some research into preparing pitch videos. We'll be running some seminars on these leading up to UHack weekend – keep an eye out on the UHack website and the University Event Calendar for details – stay tuned!

Finally, it's a very good idea for your team to familiarise yourself with your development and video editing tools, and with your hosting platform of choice before UHack weekend!

You will need to create a team on Eventbrite (nominate someone as team captain), then book your tickets. Team sizes are limited to 6 persons. UHack is running simultaneously in Hobart and Launceston, so make sure you book the appropriate tickets!

Entries will be judged by our panel and prizes given at the end of UHack weekend, later in the afternoon of Sunday 15/7. The judges will view every team's pitch video and ask the teams questions.

It's important to note that your pitch video is the main vehicle for judging - you will need to summarise your business model and demo your app in the video. See the UHack guide for more information.

There will be a People’s Choice award made at the end of UHack weekend.

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