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Researcher - Dr Robin Barnes

Robin Barnes' role in the Underwood Centre is to:

  • develop and coordinate research projects
  • evaluate research projects
  • coordinate the biennial Aspirations Matter symposium

Robin is a researcher in the Peter Underwood Centre as part of her larger role within the Division of Students and Education.

Robin’s current research interests includes educational aspirations and attainment, rural and regional access to higher education, parental engagement, pathways to higher education, and industry-ready skills.

Robin has a PhD in Aquaculture Nutrition and experience working on industry research priorities from 2007 to 2013.

That year, Robin made a career switch into education pathways and has successfully managed two Office of Learning and Teaching grants and a number of other internally and externally funded research projects.

Robin coordinates the Student Aspiration Raising Community of Practice (STAR CoP). This community of practice aims to lift student aspirations and educational outcomes in Tasmania by providing a learning environment where University of Tasmania staff can learn, share and collaborate with each other.