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About Children's University Tasmania

The Children's University originated in the United Kingdom. It is a well-established, effective, and award-winning model that enhances students' academic achievements and increases their ambitions to learn. The model appears to hold across all socioeconomic groups.

Children’s University Australia is an international partner of Children’s University Trust (UK) and managed by the University of Adelaide, South Australia.

The Children’s University concept is relatively simple: it offers superior educational experiences for children aged between 7 and 14 years and volunteering opportunities for 15-18 year olds outside of school and recognises their achievements through the award of formal certificates and graduations. The model leverages local educational and learning activity providers (including sports clubs, museums, galleries, school clubs) and has a strong emphasis on experience as a significant learning tool, acknowledging the value of the range of different learning experiences and environments in which children engage. All learning activities must have a link in some way to a university course eg. Football club = sports engineering, physiotherapy, management, teaching, sciences etc.

The Children's University offers outstanding educational experiences for young people outside of school learning activities and recognises their achievements by the award of formal certificates.

The model leverages the services and goodwill of local educational and learning activity providers—known as Public Learning Destinations—and has a strong emphasis on experiences as significant learning tools.

In Australia, there are three other Children's Universities in Adelaide, Newcastle, and Darwin.

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