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Pathways to Success

Many routes to a destination

The Pathways to Success program works to increase participation in tertiary education among Tasmania's secondary students. It has been funded by the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program.

The power of partnerships

Pathways is based on partnerships with Indigenous, community, educational, and local government organisations. Between late 2013 and early 2017, we are pleased to provide a schools' engagement program embracing:

  • aspiration building
  • discovery days
  • online access to a school-specific landing page at the University of Tasmania oriented to engagement with the University
  • student and parent engagement
  • teachers on campus programs.
Kids gather round a guide as he talks about Tasmanian flora

The program uses community development models to engage young people, their families, schools, and communities, and supports Tasmanian Government strategies to improve retention rates, engagement, and learning beyond compulsory school years. There is a strong focus on working with the advanced manufacturing, food, health, and tourism sectors.

Desired 'pathways' outcomes include improved rates of successful transition to tertiary education courses that prepare young people for jobs in industries with future capacity. Initiatives are grouped in three sub-programs:

  • What's after high school?
  • Look in at jobs
  • Skills for professionals.

Pathways to Success


Pathways to Success Project Manager