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Friends with an interest in communities, families, and individuals - including health and well-being 

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Abbott-Chapman – Joan Abbott-Chapman – – improving equity and access in post-compulsory education and training of young people, irrespective of background

Altmann – Erika Altmann – – designs for dementia friendly communities; intergenerational health and well-being; housing security

Auckland – Stuart Auckland – – community development; rural health


Baltzy – Dirk Baltzy – – pedagogy in philosophy

Boss – Indra Boss – – spatial planning and education, community engagement, and citizenship

Browne – Michael Browne – – epidemiology; preventive health; rural health and medicine


Calford – Karin Calford – – health literacy

Caporn – Sarah Caporn – – educational attainment and raising aspiration

Craw – Michael Craw – – sports, entrepreneurship, education, recreation and leisure

Cruicks – Bruce Cruicks – – literacy and numeracy in children and adults

Cruickshank – Vaughn Cruickshank – – the role of male primary teachers, and health and physical education


Denny – Lisa Denny – – education, work and the population; policy development specifically related to productivity, education-to-employment transitions, equality and well-being

Dugan – Mahni Dugan – - to discover and develop ways of educating children and young adults that support them in self-actualising and growing up to become contributing and fulfilled members of their communities; professional and personal coaching

Dyment – Janet Dyment – – (re)-engagement, health and well-being, sustainability and outdoor education, as well as educational inquiry


Emery – Sherridan Emery – – children's cultural wellbeing in education


Fischer – Sarah Fischer – – the connection between parental engagement and their children's higher education aspirations; factors that affect the success and retention of university students with disabilities; the internationalization of higher education and how leadership and institutional structures affect this

Fleming – Aysha Fleming – – adaptive social and economic systems; community engagement; critical literacy

Flower – Graham Flower – – engaging with disengaged communities to encourage a positive mindset around education and personal potential

Frost – Mike Frost – – post-compulsory education and training including school completion, alternative education, vocational education; curriculum reform; barriers to schooling; lifelong education


Gall – Seana Gall – – epidemiology; cardiovascular disease across the life course; socioeconomic determinants of health, in particular the role of educational mobility and school engagement on health outcomes

Garland – Andrea Garland – – education strengthening student confidence and community engagement Building aspiration creating connections, student to student opportunities

Gray – Melanie Gray – – education, community health, rural health



Jones – Rachael Jones – – outreach and engagement


Kilpatrick – Sue Kilpatrick – – parent-school-community partnerships; informing aspirations in rural regions; capacity building for teachers; economics, education and rural health

Kow – Felicity Kow – – food science and nutrition; young scientists in school


León de la Barra – Bernardo A. León de la Barra – – student aspirations, attitudes, interests and motivations; student perceptions of STEM careers and professionals; the role of communities, families, guardians and parents


MacDonald – Abbey MacDonald – – transformative Arts experiences in education contexts for our teachers and students

Mainsbridge – Casey Mainsbridge – – health and well-being of communities, families, and individuals

Ming – Long Ming – – health and well-being

Moore – Sarah Moore – – reconciliation through music and art; embedding Aboriginal perspectives, storying place and identity through creative arts; reconciliation tools; digital learning; community cultural development

N – O

Nguyen – Hoang Nguyen – – applied linguistics, rural health, health promotion

O'Callaghan – Anita O'Callaghan – –innovation to strengthen business, community, and family engagement in raising education aspiration and opportunities

Orr – Kirsten Orr – – industry and community understanding of the architectural possibilities offered by innovative materials, digital design and state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled fabrication processes; quality of learning and the built environment

P – Q

Palmer – Catherine Palmer – – student volunteers and coaches; school athleticism; local communities, educational objectives, crime prevention, health and well-being

Pritchard  Jeremy Pritchard – – offenders and survivors and which highlights shortcomings of the criminal justice system


Radford – Jan Radford – – social determinants of health, including the effects of access to and engagement with education opportunities

Raj – Rajesh Raj – – consultant nephrologist

Raw – David Raw – – school and community

Raw – Leanne Raw – – impact of poverty and trauma on educational attainment; government schools

Rayner – Christopher Rayner – – equity and excellence in education for all students across the full range of abilities; access, participation, and attainment of students with disability; partnerships between schools and community; issues related to student diversity and well-being


Smejkal – Lucy Smejkal – – legal education, self-representation, understanding the legal system

Stanley – Ken Stanley – – student retention; autism issues

Sutton – Georgia Sutton – – educational attainment; children's engagement in community


Tabart – Tim Tabart – – complex social change; multi-stakeholder collaboration; outcome measurement; peer learning; personal development

Taylor – Cate Taylor – – language and literacy development; life-course epidemiology

Thoars – Cassandra Thoars – – engagement in education; education for youth offenders

Thomas – Jeffrey Thomas – – engagement, disengagement, alternative education, youth at risk, flexible learning, early school leaving

Thorpe – Karen Thorpe – – early childhood education and care, child development, families, disadvantage

Treanor – David Treanor – – improving the lives of people living with an intellectual disability in ways that promote personal flourishing in all aspects of their lives

U – V

Venkatraman – Indira Venkatraman – – youth aspiration; business practise, information systems and accounting


Waldrip – Bruce – – regional secondary students' learning and well-being; enhancing beginning teachers' reasoning skills to improve student learning and well-being; learning across the curriculum using a literacy approach

Williams – Linda Williams – – language and literacy, the effect of communication impairment on educational attainment

Willie – Josh Willie – – community engagement; policy initiatives

Wise – Kit Wise – – interdisciplinary education; creative arts; social change and the community arts; educational attainment and schools engagement

Wong – Rita Wong – – oral health, health-care and education

Y – Z

Yorke – Amanda Yorke – – ethics education; human-animal relationships; engagement

Zaidi – Tabish Razi Zaidi – – translational research improving medication use in community and hospital settings