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Friends and affiliates with an interest in educational attainment, economic forces, and employment

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Amerikanos – Lisa Amerikanos – – educational attainment; education to employment pathways


Blacklow – Paul Blacklow – – Tasmania's primary NAPLAN performance at student and school levels using a range of economic and social variables and a range of econometric techniques


Counsell – Janet Counsell – – on-line provision of teaching and learning; the relationship between education and employment

Craw – Michael Craw – – sports, entrepreneurship, education, recreation and leisure


Denny – Lisa Denny – – education, work and the population; policy development specifically related to productivity, education-to-employment transitions, equality and well-being

Doran – Catherine Doran – – education to employment pathways

Downing – Jillian Downing – – professional development of teachers who deliver VET programs, multidirectional pathways for students between TAFE and UTAS; appropriate pedagogical design for non-traditional students

Dungey – Mardi Dungey – – financial literacy and primary school learning


Edwards – Daniel Edwards – – post-school transitions; admissions; progression through higher education; equity

Eslake – Saul Eslake – – education, economy and employment


Fallon – Fleur Fallon – – education; learning; career support

Frost – Mike Frost – – post-compulsory education and training including school completion, alternative education, vocational education; curriculum reform; barriers to schooling; lifelong education


Goc – Nicola Goc – – finding ways to improve the educational and work outcomes for Tasmanian women and girls


Hunter – Mary Ann Hunter – – education, arts, school reform, industry and education partnerships


Jones – Rachael Jones – – outreach and engagement


Katersky-Barnes – Robin Katersky-Barnes – – educational aspirations and attainment, rural and regional access to higher education, parental engagement, pathways to HE and industry-ready skills

Kemp – Nenagh Kemp – – language and literacy development and use, in both children and adults; fast-changing use of language in digital communication, and the ways that this can help or hinder people's communication at school, at university, and in the workplace


Lander-Clarke – Richard Lander-Clarke – – non-traditional entrance to higher education; entrepreneurialism; lifelong learning; community regeneration


McRae – Michelle McRae – – literacy; education pathways

Mussared – Kiki Mussared – – education-to-employment pathways; employer perspectives on graduates; legal self-representation and legal advocacy; social justice

N – O

O'Callaghan – Anita O'Callaghan – –innovation to strengthen business, community, and family engagement in raising education aspiration and opportunities

Orr – Kirsten Orr – – industry and community understanding of the architectural possibilities offered by innovative materials, digital design and state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled fabrication processes; quality of learning and the built environment

P – Q


Richardson – Lesley Richardson – – industry engagement; workforce development; school to work transitions


Stringer – Penelope Stringer – – education to employment pathways


U – V

Vanderplas – Harold Vanderplas – policy; pathways; remote locations; teacher and community representation

Venkatraman – Indira Venkatraman – – youth aspiration; business practise, information systems and accounting


Warr – Kristin Warr – – education for sustainability; work relevant education; work integrated learning; community and industry engagement; student leadership; professional learning; peer learning

Weliange – Malathi Weliange – – change in skills development through knowledge; maintain and grow the quality and relevance in industry training packages to maximise their utility

Williams – Bruce Williams – – economic development, education of socially disadvantaged communities, rural community development

Williams – Dallas Williams – – education leadership; enabling learning pathways for adults disengaged from education; values education

Wood – Ebeny Wood – – research and evaluation

Wu – Amanda Wu – – international students' decision-making in selecting overseas higher education prior to departure from home countries, international student perceptions of their regional Australian university experiences, and the influence that these experiences may have on their post-graduation lives

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