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Friends and affiliates with an interest in place and spatial dynamics and patterns of educational attainment

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Boss – Indra Boss – – spatial planning and education, community engagement, and citizenship


Cleaver – Shane Cleaver – – improving retention and attainment; extension of Years 11 and 12 to high schools

Corbett – Michael Corbett – – rural educational attainment

Crump – Stephen Crump – – education policy leadership and management rural and remote contexts


Davidson – Aidan Davidson – – human geography; social and environmental justice, sustainability education

Dewsbury – Mark Dewsbury – – learning and built environments; indoor air quality; indoor environmental quality

Dyment – Janet Dyment – – (re)-engagement, health and well-being, sustainability and outdoor education, as well as educational inquiry



Fischer – Sarah Fischer – – the connection between parental engagement and their children's higher education aspirations; factors that affect the success and retention of university students with disabilities; the internationalization of higher education and how leadership and institutional structures affect this

Fuller-Smith – Jess Fuller-Smith – – early years education; environmental education


Green – Wendy Green – – on the impact and implications of increasing globalization for universities, with particular focus on engaging students and academics as partners in internationalization; adult learning at work (continuing professional learning) particularly in the university context; and language/literacy, academic skills, transition to university, and graduate attributes


Hannah – Dorita Hannah – – place-based and spatial issues, education, engagement

Hartley – Barbara Hartley – – internationalization of education

Hawkins – Cherie Hawkins – — the role of culture in shaping aspirations and engagement in education, particularly in rural contexts;  community and regional development more broadly and how a range of factors impact on participation in school and work (and on attainment)

Henderson – Trent Henderson – – regional planning; sense of place; cultural heritage and place; local government; education in local communities

Hodgetts – Sonia Hodgetts – – retention and engagement of rural and regional students

Hughes – Clarissa Hughes – – equity; international students; rural students; educational policy



Kameniar – Barbara Kameniar – – educational anthropology; Indigenous education; early childhood education, education in the middle years, beginning teacher and Indigenous education; trauma and educational outcomes; educational leadership; science education; teacher education

Katersky-Barnes – Robin Katersky-Barnes – – educational aspirations and attainment, rural and regional access to higher education, parental engagement, pathways to HE and industry-ready skills

Kember – David Kember – – student approaches to learning and the influence of teaching and assessment on them; the Chinese and Asian learner; motivation; reflective thinking; teachers' beliefs about and approaches to teaching; action learning and research for teaching quality improvement; adult education

Kilpatrick – Sue Kilpatrick – – parent-school-community partnerships; informing aspirations in rural regions; capacity building for teachers; economics, education and rural health


Lander-Clarke – Richard Lander-Clarke – – non-traditional entrance to higher education; entrepreneurialism; lifelong learning; community regeneration


Ma – Yue Ma – – international education

N – O

Orr – Kirsten Orr – – industry and community understanding of the architectural possibilities offered by innovative materials, digital design and state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled fabrication processes; quality of learning and the built environment

P – Q

Palmer – Catherine Palmer – – student volunteers and coaches; school athleticism; local communities, educational objectives, crime prevention, health and well-being

Powell – Michael Powell – – rural retention


Raw – Leanne Raw – – impact of poverty and trauma on educational attainment; government schools


Smith – Heidi Smith – – transcultural dynamics in education; the phenomenology of learning space design and connections with nature; leadership and education


Toiviainen – Leila Toiviainen – – educational aspirations of local communities, immigrants and refugees; professional and applied ethics education

U – V


Waldrip – Bruce – – regional secondary students' learning and well-being; enhancing beginning teachers' reasoning skills to improve student learning and well-being; learning across the curriculum using a literacy approach

Warr – Kristin Warr – – education for sustainability; work relevant education; work integrated learning; community and industry engagement; student leadership; professional learning; peer learning

Williams – Bruce Williams – – economic development, education of socially disadvantaged communities, rural community development

Wu – Amanda Wu – – international students' decision-making in selecting overseas higher education prior to departure from home countries, international student perceptions of their regional Australian university experiences, and the influence that these experiences may have on their post-graduation lives

Y – Z