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Friends and affiliates with interests in social, cultural, and political dimensions of education attainment

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Abell – Dr Jill Abell – – retention and attrition, compulsory education, student achievement, professional learning, research in education

Ac – Rosemary Ac – – education, social inclusion, cognition and emotions

Alessandrini – Megan Alessandrini – – policy development and analysis

Andersen – Clair Andersen – – Aboriginal education; Aboriginal interpretations of UTAS sites


Beasy – Kim Beasy – –sustainability; social justice

Biddulph – Steve Biddulph – – protecting early childhood from formal learning pressures, boys’ education, retention, family wellbeing, parent education, fatherhood

Brewer – Deborah Brewer – – the changing and ‘critical’ role of secondary schools to enrich and develop the strengths and capacities of every student and provide all students a viable education attainment outcome oriented to future participation in tertiary studies, vocational training, work or a combination of these

Brewer – Natasha Brewer – – language, literacy, and numeracy; barriers and opportunities to support teachers' professional development


Clarke – Robert Clarke – – literary cultures, cultures of reading, and literacy more broadly

Crowley  – Suzanne Crowley – – science and maths education; the arts


Davison – Aidan Davison – – human geography; social and environmental justice, sustainability education

Denny – Lisa Denny – – education, work and the population; policy development specifically related to productivity, education-to-employment transitions, equality and well-being


Elliott – Malcolm Elliott – – school education; cultural development

Emery – Sherridan Emery – – children's cultural wellbeing in education

Eslake – Saul Eslake – – education, economy and employment


Fischer – Sarah Fischer – – the connection between parental engagement and their children's higher education aspirations; factors that affect the success and retention of university students with disabilities; the internationalization of higher education and how leadership and institutional structures affect this

Fleming – Aysha Fleming – – adaptive social and economic systems; community engagement; critical literacy


Gasperini – Robert Gasperini – robert­ – outreach programmes in health research


Hawkins – Cherie Hawkins – — the role of culture in shaping aspirations and engagement in education, particularly in rural contexts;  community and regional development more broadly and how a range of factors impact on participation in school and work (and on attainment)

Henderson – Trent Henderson – – regional planning; sense of place; cultural heritage and place; local government; education in local communities

Hindrum – Cameron Hindrum – – Literacy education, Arts and Arts Education, Literature

Hodgetts – Sonia Hodgetts – – retention and engagement of rural and regional students

Hogan – Jan Hogan – – the ways in which difference can occupy the same place; Indigenous education

Hughes – Clarissa Hughes – – equity; international students; rural students; educational policy

Hynes – Kristen – – Menzies Institute – investigating the impact of iodine deficiency on educational outcomes in Tasmanian children


Johnson – Ann-Marie Johnson – – post grade 10 retention; education initiatives that connect young people to the world of work

Johnson – Lauren Johnson – – history, sociology and politics of education


Kameniar – Barbara Kameniar – – educational anthropology; Indigenous education; early childhood education, education in the middle years, beginning teacher and Indigenous education; trauma and educational outcomes; educational leadership; science education; teacher education

Katersky-Barnes – Robin Katersky-Barnes – – educational aspirations and attainment, rural and regional access to higher education, parental engagement, pathways to HE and industry-ready skills

Kember – David Kember – – student approaches to learning and the influence of teaching and assessment on them; the Chinese and Asian learner; motivation; reflective thinking; teachers’ beliefs about and approaches to teaching; action learning and research for teaching quality improvement; adult education

Kow – Felicity Kow – – food science and nutrition; young scientists in school



Mackay – Leslie Mackay – – effective partnerships between schools and community organisations, educational attainment, student engagement, personal development

McLennan – Darlene McLennan – – committed to assisting people with disability access and participate in tertiary education

Ming – Long Ming – – health and well-being

Moore – Sarah Moore – – reconciliation through music and art; embedding Aboriginal perspectives, storying place and identity through creative arts; reconciliation tools; digital learning; community cultural development

Mussared – Kiki Mussared – – education-to-employment pathways; employer perspectives on graduates; legal self-representation and legal advocacy; social justice


Nguyen – Hoang Nguyen – – applied linguistics, rural health, health promotion


Pearce – Padraig Pearce – – structural and policy analysis

Pink – Mandy Pink – – funding opportunities

Powell – Michael Powell – – rural retention

Pritchard Jeremy Pritchard – – offenders and survivors and which highlights shortcomings of the criminal justice system


Radford – Jan Radford – – social determinants of health, including the effects of access to and engagement with education opportunities

Raw – Leanne Raw – – impact of poverty and trauma on educational attainment; government schools

Richardson – Lesley Richardson – – industry engagement; workforce development; school to work transitions

Rienks – Jane Rienks – – tracking outcomes (e.g., completion and retention) of whole cohorts and targeted student groups using student results data and administrative data


Shelly – Becky Shelly Dr – – social transformation

Smejkal – Lucy Smejkal – – legal education, self-representation, understanding the legal system

Stanley – Ken Stanley – – student retention; autism issues

Stringer – Penelope Stringer – – education to employment pathways


Tabart – Tim Tabart – – complex social change; multi-stakeholder collaboration; outcome measurement; peer learning; personal development

Toiviainen – Leila Toiviainen – – educational aspirations of local communities, immigrants and refugees; professional and applied ethics education

Treanor – David Treanor – – improving the lives of people living with an intellectual disability in ways that promote personal flourishing in all aspects of their lives

Tubman – Claire Tubman – – social network theory and individual participation in education; social determinants of educational attainment



Wilson – Dr Peter Wilson – – Science teaching, STEM, retention beyond year 10, community engagement and student behaviour

Wong – Rita Wong – – oral health, health-care and education


Yorke – Amanda Yorke – – ethics education; human-animal relationships; engagement