How to Enrol

UniStart is free to all University of Tasmania students who are Australian citizens, permanent residents, or who hold a humanitarian visa.

  1. When you apply via eApplications,  you will have the chance to enrol in UniStart and choose where/ how/when you want to do the unit
  2. If you are already accepted your offer into a course, you can enrol into Unistart via eStudent.
  3. Once you have enrolled in UniStart you can manage your enrolment through eStudent or by contacting Enrolments.
  4. UniStart is flexible. If you enrol in On-Campus, you can still access online resources, and if you enrol in Distance, you can still come along to face-to-face workshops, as well.
  5. If you change your mind about which session you want to attend/participate in after you have enrolled, don't worry, just send us a quick email (unistart.enquiries@utas.edu.au) so we know where and when to expect you.
  6. Keep your contact information up-to-date. Once enrolled, you will receive information via email

Commonwealth Assistance forms (eCAF) and UniStart

  • UniStart is both a course (XOA) and a unit(XLL001).
  • Every course in which you are enrolled must have an eCAF completed for it.
  • UniStart is free for you, there is No HECS fee to you, but we need you to complete an eCAF.
  • You DO NOT pay for UniStart but we need you to complete an eCAF.
  • If you withdraw from the unit, you are still enrolled in the course and we need you to complete an eCAF.

Complete the eCAF for UniStart in eStudent.

  1. Log in to eStudent
  2. Click on Commonwealth Assistance forms
  3. If you do not see an eCAF for UniStart, a new form is required.
  4. Next to UniStart, click on 'add new'.
  5. If you wish to check the form you have lodged, click on 'view'.
  6. Do not change anything on the eCAF
  7. You do not need to add your tax file number.
  8. Tick the upfront payment box as the University is paying for the unit, not you.
  9. If you make a mistake, just create a new form and start again

Enrol now

Please enrol via eApplications or go to eStudent and choose UniStart period 2 and a campus or Hobart distance (no offering at Darlinghurst for the winter school)