University Council

Audit & Risk Committee

Current Members

    Term Expires
Chair Mr Harvey Gibson 31 December 2018
Chair of Finance Committee* Mr Rhys Edwards 31 December 2017

Up to 3 other members

(appointed by council)
Plus 1 additional position until 31 December 2015 

Ms Brenda Richardson
Professor Kwong Lee Dow
Mr Corey Peterson 
Ms Leanne Topfer 
Ms Janelle O'Reilly 

12 February 2016
31 December 2016
31 December 2016
31 December 2016 
1st meeting 2018  

Secretary Ms Belinda Webster  

Chief Operating Officer
Acting Chief Financial Officer
Director, Risk & Audit

Professor Peter Rathjen
Mr David Clerk
Ms Jane Botica-Jones
Mr Alastair McDougall


* The Chair of Finance Committee is not expected to attend every meeting of Audit & Risk Committee.

Terms of Reference

Purpose/ Objectives

To ensure all higher level risks of UTAS enterprise, business activity, work practice and work place, are identified, assessed, mitigated and managed. In this there is the very clear intent to-

  • heighten awareness and
  • more rigorously manage risks

at every level across all UTAS academic, research and administrative and support service streams (including outsourced and partnership activities).


To consider all risks for UTAS across academic, research, administrative and support service streams (including institutes, outsourced & partnership arrangements).


  • UTAS is supported with a contemporary risk management system that involves all stakeholders and meets standards criteria around the levels of awareness, implementation and evaluation.
  • UTAS is supported with a contemporary internal audit program that provides-
    • Adequate depth and breath of internal audit control coverage, for all higher level risk core business systems compliance ( ensuring systems are both in place and adhered to)
    • Adequate depth and breath of internal audit control coverage, for all higher level risk core IT systems compliance ( ensuring systems are both in place and adhered to)
    • Targeted internal audit and review of projects & activities that carry higher level risks.
  •  UTAS external audit program is contemporary & appropriate to our needs and findings are communicated and acted upon.
  • Both internal and external audits are acted upon as part of a system of continuous improvement.

Key Functions

  • Key functions relating to
    contemporary risk management include ensuring -
    • Ensure there is a system including clear documentation & support tools to enable all stakeholders to identify, assess, mitigate & manage risks
    •  Ensure there is an awareness program to support stakeholders with the system
    • All UTAS enterprise, academic, research, administrative & support service streams implement the risk management system
    • The effectiveness of the risk management system, its activities and components are evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  • internal audit include ensuring -
    •  there is a contemporary internal audit system established that covers core activities as well as the financial activities of boards, centres, institutes & other Council controlled entities operating outside the triennial budget.
    • there is both a three yearly strategic and an annual internal audit plan established that meets UTAS's business & IT compliance and risk based internal audit program needs
    • the plan is implemented and adjusted as required
    • internal audit findings are communicated & acted upon.
  • external audit include ensuring-
    • external auditors are aware of key UTAS business issues
    • an appropriate external audit plan is agreed in advance
    • the plan is implemented and adjusted as required
    • external audit findings are communicated & acted upon.

Direct Reporting Relationship

The committee recognises that the Manager Risk Management and Audit Assurance has , in addition to any other internal reporting lines for that position, a direct reporting line to the Chair of the Audit Committee as and when required in the course of carrying out the functions of that position.


The Audit & Risk Committee has an ongoing lifecycle with a major review of its role and function in 2012.


On an annual basis if not more frequently the Audit & Risk Committee will review its performance against its performance requirements and report its findings to the UTAS Council.

Meeting Dates and submissions

For all University Council and Committee meeting dates, please refer to the Planning Calendar.

Any submissions for the committee should be sent to Belinda Webster, University Secretary and Secretary to the Audit & Risk Committee using the attached template (Word 250KB).
Please email them to or post to Private Bag 51, Hobart 7001.

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