University Council

Investment Committee

Current Members

(appointed by Finance Committee)

Term expires
An external member appointed by Finance Committee (Chair) Dr Rod Roberts 1st Council meeting 2016
3 external members, one of whom may also be a member of Finance Committee Mr Paul Gregg
Mr Leigh Horne
Mr Daniel Minihan 
31 December 2015
31 December 2017
1st Council meeting 2018
Chief Operating Officer (ex officio)Mr David Clerk 
SecretaryMs Belinda Webster 
External investment advisor
Acting Chief Financial Officer

Pitcher Partners
Ms Jane Botica-Jones

 Terms of Reference

  • To provide oversight and stewardship of the UTAS investment portfolio, including Treasury funds and Foundation funds (entirety of funds managed).
  • To develop, review and recommend to Finance Committee and Council the University's Investment Policy (policy setting).
  • To assess the University's risk and return profile and approve investment strategies in order to meet approved investment objectives (risk and strategy).
  • To evaluate, and approve investment decisions based on advice from the appointed investment advisor and University management. Outcomes are to be reported to Finance Committee and Council as appropriate and actioned by University management (investment decisions including fund manager hires).
  • To monitor investment performance against the Investment Policy requirements and report on these to Finance Committee and Council (monitor & report).
  • To assess and recommend to Finance Committee and Council the appointment and termination of the independent investment advisor and consultants (advisor management).
  • To recommend to Finance Committee and Council for approval the rules for withdrawing funds from the investment portfolio for operational purposes (rules for access to funds).

Quorum-The quorum is 3 members of the committee.

The committee should meet at least quarterly. For all University Council and Committee meeting dates, please refer to the Planning Calendar.

Any submissions for the committee should be sent to Belinda Webster, University Secretary and Secretary to the Investment Committee using the attached template (Word 250KB).
Please email them to or post to Private Bag 51, Hobart 7001.

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