University Council

Council elections- Information for nominees

Nominations are invited from Academic staff and Professional staff members for election to the University Council. Nominations open on Friday 23 November 2012 and close on Monday 3 December at 5pm. Terms of office are for 2 years from 1 January 2013 until 31 December 2014.

It should be noted that staff members elected to Council are responsible to the Council itself and are obliged to act in the interests of the University as a whole. They are not 'representatives' of the groups that elect them, but are on Council to add to the perspectives around the Council table.

About the University Council

The University Council is the governing body of the University of Tasmania.  A Bill amending the size and composition of the Council has recently been passed by both Houses of Parliament.  Once the Bill has received Royal Assent, from 1 January 2013 the Council will include 1 member elected by and from the academic staff of the University and 1 member elected by and from the professional staff of the University. The University invites interested people to nominate for election.  A list of current members can be found here.

The Council is chaired by the Chancellor, who is appointed by the members. These positions are honorary.

Council makes decisions in relation to policy and planning, makes University legislation and approves policy documents. It is advised by its committees, its working parties, and (in relation to academic matters) the Academic Senate.

Council's role as determined by Council

The role of the Council is to accept ultimate responsibility for-

  1. The mission and vision of the University
  2. Setting strategic directions for the University
  3. The election of the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor(s)
  4. The appointment and performance management of the Vice-Chancellor
  5. Oversight of management
  6. Setting and monitoring broad budget and planning framework, ensuring that the University finances are sound, and taking major financial decisions
  7. Monitoring University performance against strategic objectives
  8. Setting and critically monitoring Council policy and risk management
  9. Extending links and communication between the University and the wider community
  10. Legislative roles, including ensuring that the University is acting ethically and in conformity with all legal requirements
  11. Council performance and succession planning.

Further information of the role of Council can be found in the document  Roles, Rights and Responsibilities of Council Members 

2013 Meeting Dates

Council meet 10 times a year and have a planning conference in March. Meetings are held at the Sandy Bay, Newham and Cradle Coast campuses-

  • Wednesday 13 February (Hobart)
  • Friday 22 March (Launceston)
  • Saturday 23 March (Planning conference in Launceston)
  • Friday 3 May (Hobart)
  • Friday 31 May (Launceston)
  • Friday 28 June (Burnie)
  • Friday 26 July (Hobart)
  • Friday 30 August (Launceston)
  • Friday 20 September (Hobart)
  • Friday 18 October (Launceston)
  • Friday 13 December (Hobart)

There will generally be a dinner with local community leaders and/or other Council function on the afternoon/evening before each Council meeting. There is also an annual dinner with the State Cabinet.

Relevant Information

How to nominate

Simply fill out the Nomination form and send to the Returning Officer, Secretary to University Council, Private Bag 42, Hobart TASMANIA 7001.  Fax: 6226 2923.  The closing date for nominations is Monday 3 December 2012 at 5pm.

If you are considering nominating, you should obtain further information on the role of the Council, its committee structure and its membership from the University Council website. Alternatively you may request a copy of this information by contacting Heather Patterson on 6226 2508 or email

Please feel free to contact the Chancellor, Mr Damian Bugg AM QC, on 6226 1852 if you would like to discuss nominating for membership of the Council.