University Council

Council Report 23 July 2010

The University Council met in Hobart on Friday 23 July 2010. 

Australian Learning & Teaching Council

Council received the presentation on successes with the Australian Learning and Teaching Council and other teaching and learning matters, presented by Professor Gary O’Donovan, Professor Jonathan Holmes, Dr Natalie Brown, Dr Aidan Davison, Ms Kristin Warr and Dr Emma Pharo.
Council congratulated the teaching and learning presenters on their successes and on the inspiring work they are each currently engaged in.

Academic Senate meetings – 4 June and 16 July 2010

Council received the report and draft minutes of the Academic Senate meeting of 4 June 2010 and the Chair’s report of the meeting of 16 July 2010.

Delegations Register - IMOS

The Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) administration operates within UTAS and is funded through grants from the Federal Government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and Education Investment Fund (EIF) programs. UTAS has entered into Funding Agreements with the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) for the administration of the grant funds. IMOS is a collaborative project involving ten Federal, State and University research organisations. UTAS has entered subcontracting arrangements with the collaborating organisations to deliver services as part of IMOS. Federal funding is for NCRIS $50 million over 5 years from July 2006 to June 2011 and EIF $52 million over 4 years from July 2009 to June 2013.
The delegations register has been amended to reflect this, and staff have been delegated particular financial authorities, allowing for effective and efficient administration of IMOS.
Council approved the delegations register as amended to include the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS).

Menzies Research Institute Amendment Ordinance 

Council approved the Ordinance amending Ordinance 12 – Menzies Research Institute and resolves that it is to be sealed.
The Ordinance implements the change of name (requested by the Menzies Board) to the Menzies Research Institute of Tasmania.  It also changes the timetable for the Statement of Intent.  Menzies has already agreed to implement for 2011 the planning and budget changes discussed at Council’s June meeting.  Changes to the Ordinances to reflect that, and to implement improved planning and budget processes for the other 2 UTAS Institutes, will be considered as part of the planned review of the UTAS Institute governance model.

Academic Senate Amendment Ordinance

Council approved the Ordinance amending Schedule 2 to Ordinance 13 – Academic Senate (to include the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies and remove the Institute for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies) and resolves that it is to be sealed.
Council noted advice from the Vice-Chancellor that the aim is to move towards 1 member of Academic Senate from IMAS and that he will report to the next meeting on consolidating TAFI within IMAS.

Work Integrated Learning Project

Council received the Vice-Chancellor’s report on the Work Integrated Learning Project.
Divisional staff in the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students and Education) Division are participating in the Work Integrated Learning Project, the objective of which is to produce Work Integrated Learning policy, procedure and guidelines that-
- ensure consistent application of all ‘ingredients’ necessary to enable purposeful work integrated learning experiences for students; and
- encompass the ‘Work-integrated Learning: Principles of good practice to guide member universities in the strategic development and management of Work Integrated Learning (WIL).’
Members of the WIL Working Party are Dr Natalie Brown (CALT), Ms Brigid Freeman (Governance & Legal), Ms Annette Marlow (School of Nursing & Midwifery), Ms Ingrid Apsitis (Faculty of Business), Ms Jane Emery (Support & Equity – Careers) and Mr Mike Spurr (Support & Equity).
The University’s existing Workplace Learning Placements Policy (TLP 1.2), Procedure (TLPR 1.2) and Teaching and Learning Guidelines for Workplace Learning (Practicum) are currently under review. In particular, the singular focus of existing University policy on ‘placements’ and inconsistent implementation of placement procedure requires attention.
The Working Party has completed a project brief for discussion with the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students and Education).

The University College Program

Council received the Vice-Chancellor’s report on the University College Program.
The University College Program (UCP) evaluation is underway, with surveys circulated to Principals, Heads of School and relevant UTAS and college staff.
Dr Jane Rienks has completed the quantitative analysis of UCP outcomes, including the correlation of student performance in UCP to student performance once these students have articulated to mainstream UTAS (241 students).  Qualitative research with students will commence after the exam period.
The first meeting of the High Achievers Program Review Committee, held on Thursday, 17 June 2010 considered the initial research findings and consultation plans.

Honorary Appointments

Council received the Vice-Chancellor’s report on clinical teaching appointments.

Additional reports for Council

Council also received a report on-

  • Media Highlights
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Business
  • Faculty of Health Science
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology
  • IMAS
  • TAFI