University Council

Next Chancellor for UTAS

The Council of the University of Tasmania has announced the appointment of its next Chancellor - former Tasmanian premier and UTAS alumnus, Mr Michael Field.

Chancellor Damian Bugg, whose term comes to an end on 31 December this year, said he is delighted with Mr Field's appointment and the impact his breadth of experience will bring to the University's governing body.

Mr Bugg said Mr Field was selected following an expression of interest process and consideration and advice from a Council selection panel, including academic representation.

"Under the University of Tasmania Act, the University Council is charged with appointing its Chancellor," Mr Bugg said.

"Part of that role includes strategically ensuring the renewal and continuity of leadership for Council. That was an important consideration, given that the Council is moving to a new membership structure and that at the end of this year both I and the Deputy Chancellor and Chair of Finance Committee, Mr Rod Roberts, finish our terms after 11 and 13 years respectively."

"Mr Field's appointment from 1 January 2013, along with the depth of talent already on Council, will see that strong leadership continue across its broad membership of expertise. He will be appointed to Council shortly and will serve as a Councillor for the remainder of this year."

Mr Field, originally from Railton on the North West Coast, has worked as a leadership and change consultant since leaving State Parliament in 1997. Elected to the House of Assembly for the seat of Braddon in 1976, he became Labor Premier and Treasurer from 1989-92 under the historic Labor-Green Accord.

In 2003 he was awarded Companion in the general division of the Order of Australia.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen said Mr Field, who is chair the University's advisory board for the Australian Innovation Research Centre, would be welcomed by the wider university community.

"The University Council stewards this institution with considered guidance and support to me and my senior management," he said.

"At a time when the higher education sector is addressing a range of issues resulting from national policy and external pressures, the skills and commitment from the members that sit on Council are extremely valuable to us.

"To be a high performing institution and to have the University Tasmania deserves, we need capability and determination across our governing bodies and our management.

"We recognise and greatly appreciate the time and expertise our Council bring and Mr Field is an inspired selection to lead that body."

Published on: 06 Jul 2012