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Academic Freedom (GLP14)

Governance Level Principle - No. GLP14

Relevant UTAS Ordinance and/or
Rule Reference No.
Relevant State/Federal Govt.
University of Tasmania Act 1992
Relevant University of Tasmania PolicyFreedom of Inquiry and Responsibility to Publish Policy, Media Policy
Commencement Date27 June 2014
Review Date27 June 2017

1.         Statement of Context

The University of Tasmania continues a long tradition of excellence and commitment to academic freedom.

2.         Objective

The objective of this principle is to affirm the University's commitment to academic freedom, which is recognised in both the University's Statement of Values and the Magna Charta Universitatum to which the University is a signatory.

3.         Principles

The University of Tasmania is committed to academic freedom, which embraces the pursuit of knowledge, critical inquiry, intellectual discourse and responsible public discourse and debate.

University of Tasmania Academic staff, as defined by the University of Tasmania Act 1992, have the right to academic freedom. Academic staff are expected to exercise this right reasonably and in good faith, with intellectual honesty and rigour, in accordance with the highest ethical, professional and legal standards and in accordance with University policies and State and Federal legislation.. 

The University of Tasmania has both the right and the responsibility to support academic staff when exercising their academic freedom.

 4.         Versioning

Current Version(s)

Version 1 – Academic Freedom (GLP14)); approved 27 June, 2014.