UTAS College Project

Alternative entry pathways

UTAS has a range of alternative pathways that can assist you to gain entry to and succeed at university level if you do not qualify through General Entry or if you feel you are under prepared to begin university level study.

These include:

Preparation studies

These are offered through the UTAS College University Preparation Program and enable students to develop and/or enhance their study and learning skills.

Successfully completing the University Preparation Program can assist with entry into an Associate degree or Degree and is highly recommended for any student returning to study after a significant time gap.

Foundation units

These are accredited degree units which are required by some disciplines for entry. Foundation units are available in a variety of areas including chemistry, design and education.
[link to foundations units]


Diplomas are a one year course in a specific subject area. A Diploma may provide entry into year 2 of a degree.

Associate Degree

Successfully completing a 2 year associate degree may provide entry into year 2 or 3 of a degree.