UTAS College Project

Preparing to start your university education

Being properly prepared to start university study is a key factor in achieving success. Being prepared means you have the skills and knowledge necessary to participate fully in university level study, research, enquiry and assessments.

This includes the following:

  • writing assignments, essays and exam responses to an academic standard
  • understanding basic concepts necessary for study in specific disciplines (eg maths)
  • using a range of online and library resources to research study topics
  • applying study skills such as note taking, summarizing, collaborating, and  analyzing
  • participating in group discussions and debates, working collaboratively with others and making oral presentations
  • using computers and other technologies to participate in university study, to access study materials online, research electronic databases and present assignments
  • adopting good study and revisions skills
  • using self direction and self discipline as major drivers of your study behavior
  • having good time and stress management skills
  • being able to interpret the expectations of university lecturers and staff
  • understanding the rules and regulations associated with university study and being able to comply with them

Being prepared can also mean you have thought carefully about whether you have sufficient support (money, time, people) to help you get through your years at university.

The best way to prepare yourself is take of specially devised preparation programs offered by UTAS free of charge.