UTAS College Project

What is the UTAS College Project?

Increasing opportunities for all Tasmanians to participate in and succeed at university.

The UTAS College Pilot Project is part of a wider UTAS strategy to develop a distinctive and personalised higher education model for Tasmanian students that:

  • strengthens pathways to UTAS from the Academy and secondary college or school;
  • strengthens pathways to UTAS from the Polytechnic and Vocational Education and Training;
  • gives those who are highly talented a range of opportunities to fast-track or add value to their university education at UTAS;
  • provides university preparation for those who are mature-aged and have not had a chance to complete their secondary education; and
  • demonstrates the value of a university degree in contemporary life and work.

The UTAS College project is providing a forum for the wider discussion of university preparation and pathways including raising aspirations of school students to attend university and an opportunity to further develop future preparation and pathways initiatives. It is also providing an opportunity to emphasise the University of Tasmania’s commitment to work in partnership with the community.

To successfully complete the pilot by the end of 2010, the University will have developed and evaluated the UTAS College project, including the co-delivery of university units of study, and developed a close working relationship with the Academy, Polytechnic, wider senior secondary sector and government and community stakeholders.