UTAS College Project

Why University?

Seven Great Reasons to Study at University
Research shows that:
  • University graduates are most likely to employed. Conversely people who do not complete secondary school are least likely to be employed.
  • Graduates have higher levels of earning power and contribute significantly to Australian household spending(estimated annual gross income differential of 10% over a 45 year working life).
  • Graduates are more likely to participate and accept diversity in their communities and are over three times more likely to be a member of a voluntary organisation than non-graduates.
  • Graduates live healthier lifestyles, less likely to smoke, less likely to be obese, 40% less likely to suffer from depression and more likely to report “excellent” health.
  • Graduates are less likely to be involved in crime.
  • Degree holders are significantly more likely to hold positive attitudes to race and gender equality.
  • Higher education qualifications are associated with less physical decline, depression, loneliness, social loss and positively associated with continuous growth in aging people.
  • The benefits of higher education are intergenerational.  Graduates are more likely to take an interest in their own children’s education and to be involved with their children’s school - predictors of schooling success.

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