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Open to Talent - Strategic Plan

Throughout 2011 the University undertook a substantial review of its strategic direction and developed a clear set of objectives that will guide its development over the next decade. The outcomes of this highly collaborative process have been captured in Open to Talent: Strategic Plan 2012 Onwards (PDF 669KB).

Open to Talent articulates a future for the University of Tasmania, building upon the significant achievements of our past and setting a course for the next decade. The UTAS motto Ingeniis Patuit Campus or 'the field is open to talent', adopted 75 years ago, captures our spirit, reflecting our vitality and confidence in our identity and openness to our communities and the world. The strategic objectives outlined in Open to Talent are defined around the key themes of research, students and community.

There are three printable versions of the plan available:

To request a printed copy of the plan or its supporting versions, please contact us.

The University also publishes O2t, a magazine designed to improve understanding of UTAS across the Tasmanian community. Inspired by our motto, O2t initiates a conversation with our community, expanding awareness of our accomplishments and increasing our visibility.