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Accessing Edit +

What is Edit+?

Edit+ is a simple editing interface within Squiz Matrix, developed by Squiz. Edit+ supersedes the previous version, known as Easy Edit Suite.

Edit+ enables users to update and maintain content easily and efficiently within a simplified environment without the need of extensive training and knowledge of web practices.

Getting Permission to Edit Sites

Before Web Services can give you permission to edit sites you must attend an Edit + training workshop and pass the Writing for the Web quiz (accessed on MyLO).

Once you've completed the training you need to contact the IT Helpdesk by email or phone +61 3 6226 1818 requesting permission to edit your site. You will also need to provide authorisation to edit your site by your head of section.

Loading the Edit+ Interface

Once you have completed the training and been give permissions to edit your site, simply add /_edit to the end of the url and a login screen will be displayed.

Please note that you do need to be on a page within your site for this to work, i.e. if I wanted to edit the web services site, the URL becomes

Now login with your UTAS username and password and the Edit+ interface will load.

Download the Edit+ training manual (PDF 5.6MB) for your reference.