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Adding Content

When adding content to an existing site or new site, if you answer the following questions, your site will create a much better user experience.

Should the content be on your site?

UTAS web site content should be published by the section responsible for that information, and not duplicated elsewhere. Sometimes it is tempting to rewrite content in your own words and put it in your site. It is preferable to link from your site to the correct source.

Who is the content for?

Deciding who the clients are is important, because there may be other sites that need to link to this content to increase its reach and effectiveness. You can request links through the feedback options on other sites, or ask Web Services for assistance.

Can people find the content?

Put yourself in your clients shoes and try to find the content yourself.

  • How do you navigate to it? There is no magic number of clicks to stick to, but the path to the information should flow and make sense
  • Is it found when you search for it? New content must first be indexed by search engines, but you can make content that performs well in search engines

Is the content effective; do people find it useful?

  • A site can be tested to find out whether people find it useful. there are a number of techniques that can be used
  • Has putting the content online reduced the number of phone and email queries?

Finally, preparing content

This website has many resources to help you with many types of content. Making web content accessible to people with disabilities is a UTAS requirement and required by federal legislation.