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MS Powerpoint

From the Web Publishing Guidelines

Requirements Mandatory (M)
or Recommended (R)
Legislation, policy, guideline or WCAG checkpoint/success criterion

Use structural tags and navigation aids in the parent document such as slide title (not just large bold fonts), lists and links


WCAG 2.0 Success Criterion 1.3.1 (Level A)

Don’t rely on colour alone to convey information – also use text and shapes


Web Publishing Guideline

Choose high contrast colours for text on a background – test by changing the monitor display to black and white, or print the page on a black and white printer


Web Publishing Guideline

Powerpoint Speed

  • Reduce the size of images properly outside the presentation, and then put them back in
  • Convert to RTF (will lose formatting and images)
  • Add a blank slide at the beginning of the presentation - this reduces the size of the "preview image"
  • Turn off the toys:
    • Unclick "allow fast saves" in the Tools/Options/Save menu
  • Generate "handout" version in PDF (at low resolution)

Write Searchable Documents

To optimise your files for search engines:

  • Fill out the document 'Properties' – displayed in search results
  • Use Structural elements properly eg.:
    • Slide titles
  • Split large documents into sections:
  • Provide alt text for images:
    • Adds more 'indexable' text to your page
    • If done well is good for accessibility for people with disabilities