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Incidents and Near Miss

Report an Incident

Please use your University username account and password to login.

If you experience difficulties in logging into the system try to synchronise your passwords or if you are trying to access the system outside of the University, you will require Virtual Private Network (VPN). Contact the ITS Service Desk for further advice.

An online report is preferred but if you are unable to access the online Incident system, the following form can be completed and sent to the WHS Unit - Private Bag 46 - Hobart
*Notification of Incident/Injury Form

Contractors and Visitors

To report an incident, a staff member can facilitate this report on your behalf. Please contact Work Health and Safety to assist.

What is an Incident?

An incident is an occurrence that has, or could have had, an adverse impact on people, property or equipment. This can include, incidents resulting in injury, illness, or "near misses" when there is potential for an injury or illness. It can also include damage to or failure of structure, motor vehicles or other plant and equipment.

The incident report also provides a record for future reference should there be any subsequent complication e.g. delayed effects that may require a report.

What happens when I report an Incident?

  • a report is generated in the Work Health Safety System and you will receive an email
  • the Head Organisational Unit/Delegate, HSR, and defined staff from Organisational Units also receive a copy of this report advising them of the incident
  • the delegated staff can provide any updates to the incident
  • if required, an investigation is commenced
  • the incident causes are identified, control measures are put in place
  • the Organisational Unit Head/Delegate signs off the report only when actions have been completed

Serious Incidents

If an incident is serious or had the potential to be serious you must notify your supervisor and the WHS Unit immediately. It is also important that the incident site is not disturbed to ensure the evidence is preserved. Please see the Statutory Notification Fact Sheet below for the required process.

Please Note: It is important that anyone raising an online incident is mindful that circulation of inappropriate or sensitive information may offend. In accordance with the University WHS Resolution Minimum Standard if you select Work Health and Safety as the School/Section, the information is only sent to WHS until the matter has been discussed with you.

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