Work Health and Safety



With effect from 1 July 2009, the Code of Practice for the Security of Radioactive Sources, Radiation Protection Series (RPS) No 11 is considered as a licence condition.

In summary, sources are categorised by the formula A/D. Using the table in the reference RPS No11, there is a list of security outcomes that are mandatory. How those outcomes are achieved may vary according to the type of practice or use. Unsealed sources are exempt from the Code of Practice for the Security of Radioactive Sources. There is also a requirement as detailed in the errata attached for possibly a security check or an identity check using the table in the RPS No11.

Radiation Safety Minimum Standard

Code of Practice, Guidelines

The Tasmania legislation requires each organisation to have a Radiation Safety Plan which is authorised by the Radiation Safety Policy/Minimum Standard.

Users of regulated radiation must meet or exceed the criteria in these guidelines.

Inspections, Quality Assurance best practice Audits

Annual Audit Report

Radiation Management System

Radiation Management System (RadMS) (existing database on ITS server)

This is a web based database that is provided by Information Technology Services (ITS). The School Radiation Safety Officer, one per School or one per licence,, e.g. 1 per radiation materials licence, plus one per electronic equipment licence, have on line access to amend details.

All Approved Facilities for dealing with sources of radiation/equipment are listed in the Asset Management Services database. Project/Equipment/Source proposals are submitted via signed applications only.

Relevant Information

Radiation Protection Unit (RPU) of the Department of Health & Human Services for all forms. Under the Tasmanian legislation for regulated radiation and premises, the University has to use the application forms available on the RPU website.

Radiation On-line Training and other Resources

  • Radiation Safety (current)
  • Video and workbook - Radiation Safety: The Key to Contamination Control, produced by the University of Calgary, Safety Office. This is a set of kits in 4 loanable parts from the Library. The shelf number is: LTN KIT 363.1799 R129 1987 pt 1 – 4 Reading material available in the University Library