Work Health and Safety

Employee Assistance Program Service Provider

Newport and Wildman is the preferred provider for EAP Services. If an employee wishes to see an alternative provider they can contact Human Resources on (03) 6226 7877 to discuss.

Newport Wildman provides counselling services to numerous employers throughout the State. They have Psychologists, Social Workers and Counsellors available. Staff profiles are available at Newport and Wildman.

To arrange an appointment, please phone 1800 650 204


Mezzanine Level, Red Cross House, 40 Melville Street, Hobart


15 Lawrence Street, Launceston


Phoenix Place, 15 Cattley Street, Burnie

68 Oldaker Street, Devonport

Sydney and other States and Territories

Counselling services are available to staff in Sydney and all other Australian States & Territories. Newport Wildman provide this service through affiliated providers in each state and territory.

To arrange an appointment, please phone 1800 650 204