Work Health and Safety

Induction and Training

Work Health & Safety Induction & Training

All staff are required to complete the University of Tasmania Work Health and Safety Induction as well as a workplace specific induction to familiarise themselves with the health and safety requirements in their working environment. 

Staff, students and volunteers with MYLO access are guided through a WHS training needs analysis process and are able to select the courses applicable to their study or responsibility.

Courses available include:

Staff Induction Training:

This course is for all academic and professional staff.  The course refers to 'workers' who are defined under S 28 of the WHS Act 2012 and includes employees, volunteers, contractors and students gaining work experience.

Managers and Supervisors Induction Training:

This package has been developed to support those staff who have supervisory responsibilities at the University. 

Officer Due Diligence Training:

This course is for Officers of the University, or other personnel who wish to know their role and responsibilities.  The course provides information to all persons deemed to be Officers under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 and the University's Work Health and Safety Policy. At the completion of the course, participants are asked to select "yes" as verification that they understand their role.  It is compulsory for Deans, Executives and Senior Managers and participation is monitored as part of the WHS objectives and targets reporting to University Council.

Other courses available include:

  • Post Graduate WHS Information
  • Student Safety Information
  • Volunteer Safety Information
  • How to Manage WHS Risks
  • Managing the Risks of Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace
  • Student Safety induction (OnGuard)
  • Field Activities (Risk.Teq)
Workplace Specific Health & Safety Induction:

The online courses need to be supplemented by an induction which addresses specific health and safety aspects of the local workplace including, but not limited to:

  • First Aid & Emergency Procedures
  • Health & Safety Representatives
  • Local Rules – Field Work, Driving, Biological Hazards, Laboratory Safety etc.
  • Hazard & Risk Management
  • Communication & Consultation Mechanisms
  • Ergonomics

The following checklist should be used as a guide by Organisational Units to prepare workplace specific health and safety inductions.


Storage of Induction Records

Records of induction are to be stored for the entire lifecycle of the employee.  Currently central WHS induction records are available from MyCert or by contacting .

Workplace specific records are to be maintained by a nominated person and readily accessible.

Contractor Safety Induction

Commercial Services Division (CSD) administer the online contractor safety induction.  Upon completion the contractor will be issued with a Safety Induction Card which they are required to carry on them at all times.  Organisational Units should ask that contractors provide proof of induction before allowing them to commence work in their workplace.

The Contractor Safety Information page can be found here:

Further training information:

The Work Health and Safety Training and Events Calendar provides information on upcoming training available either in-house or externally.