Work Health and Safety

Diving & Boating Committee (to be replaced by the Diving Safety Committee in 2017)

The University of Tasmania is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). The UTAS Dive & Boating Safety Committee members are listed as a Diving Control Board member or DSO of University of Tasmania by the AAUS. The AAUS provides technical advice to the University of Tasmania in accordance with AS/NZS 2299.2:2002 Occupational Diving Operations-Scientific Diving.

For the purposes of the AAUS procedures, this sub committee fulfils the same role as a Diving Control Board (DCB) and the members fulfill the same role as Dive Safety Officer (DSO).

The Diving & Boating committee is a sub-committee of the WHS Committee.

Terms of Reference

  1. Oversight and administration of University diving and boating projects, including compliance with relevant policies and operational procedures.
  2. Development of policies and procedures associated with University of Tasmania Diving and Boating activities.
  3. Recommendation of appropriate disciplinary action in the event of unsafe diving or boating activities by any individual or group within the University – if necessary including suspension of scientific diving/boating projects, or any individual's certification as a Scientific Diver within the University.
  4. Investigation of all diving and/or boating accidents/incidents, and reporting of violations of the University's policies and procedures to the WHS Unit.
  5. Consideration of scientific diving/boating related problems encountered while diving or operating under the policies or procedures of the University's Diving Operations Manual and Boating Activity Minimum Standard

Tenure and frequency of meetings is not specified. The Committee meets as required.

Membership of the Committee:

ChairSimon Talbot, University Dive Officer (UDO), Zoology
MembersProfessor Craig Johnson, (Centre Director, Ecology & Biodiversity and Associate Director) IMAS Hobart
Michael Porteus (Principal Field Officer) - IMAS Taroona
Vallorie Hodges (Site Dive Technical Officer) IMAS Taroona
Martin Filleul Senior Technical Officer - Field Operations (IMAS Launceston)
Representative  (WHS - Human Resources)
David Faloon (Workshop & Maintenance Officer) IMAS Taroona