Celebrating 125 Years

Initiatives and Engagement

125 Anniversary update
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The 125th Anniversary Advisory Committee encourages faculties, schools, institutes, divisions and student groups to engage in initiatives and activities which celebrate the 125th Anniversary over the course of the year.

The Committee recognises that some activities may incur costs beyond the immediate financial capacity of the proponents. Therefore, while our resources are strictly limited, the Committee will welcome good ideas accompanied by requests for possible assistance. In general, any aid provided will take the form of modest seed finance or co-funding of worthwhile projects.

Guidelines and Principles

The following guidelines have been established to assist with your proposal for seed funding of an activity and/or event:

  1. What is the proposal?
  2. How does the proposal engage and celebrate the 125th anniversary?
  3. Who is the audience and how many people are we likely to reach? (eg exhibition, number on opening night and total across the exhibition period)
  4. How will the University benefit from this proposal?
  5. Who else will benefit from this proposal? (eg specific faculty/school/institute, community, primary/secondary schools, adult learners etc)
  6. Does the proposal contribute to student recruitment?
  7. Where will the proposed activity take place? Is the proposal location specific or can the activity (or similar) also be organised in other locations?
  8. Does it inform a lasting legacy?
  9. What will it cost? What funds are sought from the 125th project? What other funds will be contributed?

When reviewing proposals, the Committee will consider the following principles in their decision making:

  1. Is the proposal fit for purpose?
  2. Does the proposal align with the Committee's overall position on what we are looking to invest in and what outcome we wish to achieve - 
    1. Encourages 'fun' in the present
    2. Celebrates our past
    3. Aligns to University strategy
    4. Builds for the future
  3. Does the project contribute to a 125th year that is equitable for whole of state?
  4. Does the proposal offer value for money? (eg leverage other funds, produce outstanding benefits etc)
  5. Does the proposal, as presented, allow an informed decision?

Please address the guidelines in your proposal and submit to 125@utas.edu.au 

For more information please contact the Senior Executive Officer