Celebrating 125 Years

Our Committee

The 125th Anniversary Committee

A committee, chaired by former Provost Dr David Rich, has been formed to plan and coordinate the University's celebrations. 

The committee is supported across the campuses by appropriate departments, including the Vice-Chancellor's Office, the Office of Marketing and Communications, and the Advancement Office. Alumni are pivotal to the celebrations and are also represented. 

It is the Committee's intention to highlight and celebrate the enormous achievements of this University, and to ensure our 125th Anniversary becomes a point of deep and abiding pride in our institution.

Committee members

Dr David Rich Committee Chair
Professor Peter Rathjen Vice-Chancellor
Mr Damian Bugg, AM, QC Former Chancellor
Mrs Susan Chen Council Member, North-West representative
Mr Ron Banks, AM Committee Member
Professor John Williamson Dean of Education, Northern representative
Professor Don Chalmers Distinguished Professor
Mr Young Dawkins Executive Director, Advancement
Dr Ashley Townsend Chair, University Alumni Association
Miss Heidi La Paglia President, Tasmania University Union
Ms Alicia O'Grady Executive Director, Marketing and Communications
Ms Kellie Peart Associate Director, Service Improvements, Commercial Services and Development
Professor Peter FrappellPro Vice-Chancellor, Global Engagement
Professor Janelle AllisonPro Vice-Chancellor, Community Partnerships and Regional Development


Erin Mahoney
Senior Executive Officer
Erin.Mahoney@utas.edu.au or 125@utas.edu.au
T: +61 3 62 26 2842