Teaching Matters


Teaching Matters 2018

Pathways to Teaching Excellence

This year’s conference theme is “Pathways to Teaching Excellence”. This is an opportunity for academics and professionals, to showcase, discuss and recognise their journey toward successful and innovative teaching excellence.


How do you approach design?

What guides your thinking?

What new innovative approaches have you used?

Share your design journey with us!

How do you engage your students?

How do you encourage them to learn deeply?

How do you know what motivates students in your discipline?

Share your experience with us!

Graduate qualities and professional standards are two of the overarching sets of principles that inform curriculum design and approaches to teaching.

How do you develop excellence in your students? How do you scaffold your curriculum to guide students to become UTAS graduates with capabilities in collaboration, cultural competence, multidisciplinary knowledge and skills, communication skills, real world problem solving, critical and creative literacies and professional skills for your discipline.

Share your contribution to producing excellent UTAS graduates with us!

There are many opportunities for continuing professional learning in teaching, including SOTL, self and peer review of teaching and involvement in teaching and learning projects.

What frameworks do you call on?

How do you inform your approach to teaching?

How do you evaluate those approaches?

Share your scholarship pathway with us!